International eCommerce Forecast Shows Year On Year Growth

The potential of an ecommerce stores can be determined with the help ecommerce forecast of the year. We can see that the growth of ecommerce sales in overall percentage is very low and surprisingly small at around 9% in US and 12% in UK, but its still a unsustained growth. Times of change can often […]

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How many fields are enough? Getting customer forms just right

Put on a pot of coffee and settle in, it’s time to talk about customer forms. Pesky and unavoidable, customer forms are crucial to successful e-commerce practices. But, even though they are widely accepted by customers as a necessary chore – as we’re going to see – it’s not simply a case of ‘anything will […]

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How to Boost ROI with Cart Abandonment Emails

The cart abandonment rates are massive at an average of 67.4%. But this does not mean those sales are lost forever. Many of you may think shopping cart abandonment as a problem but that is not the case. Actually, Cart abandonment is not a problem. It is an opportunity where you can use cart abandonment […]

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6 Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales without giving Discount

Offering discounts and huge sales make you and your customers happy, your sales go up. It is a win-win situation, or is it? We all know discounts are an easy way to increase your online sales or average order value fast but it turns out, it can actually harm your online business in the long […]

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7 Ways to Increase Average Order Value for eCommerce

To be honest, normally we keep our focus on following three ways to increase an eCommerce business Customer acquisition – driving more traffic. Customer retention – retain customer to increase purchasing frequency Increase average order value – encourage the customer to purchase more while shopping. Among all three ways, this article is focused on third […]

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