About Us

We’re a young, dynamic and talented team that loves business owners and marketers. Our goal is to build software to help you maximize revenue by remarketing to interested customers without it being tedious, complicated or expensive. When you succeed, we succeed, which is why we invest personal attention with every business that works with us. We have a track record of increasing online sales for our businesses by 30%.

Keptify’s managed service is trusted by clients all over the world. We believe in letting our work speak for itself, which is why our no-contract & no long-term commitment policy is applauded by our clients and partners alike.

Our Mission

To improve conversion rates by using smart technology that creates a personalised in-store experience in a digital world.
"At Keptify, we know that attention spans are short and that customers can be fickle. That's why we've built an ecommerce solution that helps you make meaningful connections." "Keptify lets you build relationships that are rewarding for both you and your customers. We use technology as a bridge between companies and the people who buy their products."


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