Convert Website Visitors
into Customers

Increase revenue by remarketing to potential buyers

Online Webshop

60% Cart Abandonment

Intelligent Remarketing

20% Cart Recovery


A staggering 70% of checkout carts get abandoned before the shopper completes their purchase. Every day businesses are missing out on hundreds, even thousands of dollars because they don't follow up with potential customers. Studies show that 35% of shoppers who received an email from the merchant after abandoning, returned to complete their order.


Keptify tracks website visitors behavior to re-engage them through remarketing via personalized emails,
opt-in forms, Facebook Ads and Adroll

Advanced Cart Analyzer

We analyze and understand your users through key abandonment indicators such as location, gender, device and browser

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“By working with Keptify and sending timely, well designed emails, we've increased our online annual sales by over 20% with an average order value 30% higher than our direct website sales”
Eugen Rus
Sales Director,
Revenue Increased by
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