Managed shopping cart abandonment solution

Keptify Capabilities & Benefits

When cutting-edge technology meets a team of conversion specialists, you can focus on growing your business
while our dedicated team takes care of all your cart abandonment problems.

Engage visitors with
exit-intent layovers

Keptify’s smart onsite experience is unlike any exit-intent plugin or tool that merely acts as a popup. Trigger multiple types of overlays with targeted and personalized functionality.

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Reconnect with personalized cart abandonment emails

A simple reminder asking abandoned visitors to come back and complete their purchase can work wonders. Keptify goes even more personal with unique product lists for every customer.

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Build customer list with
Messenger Remarketing

Connect with new and existing customers on the biggest platform with billions of users. Completely eliminate the chances of your messages being sent to a spam folder.

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Instantly reach customers with a text

The most effective way of ensuring you reach your customers is through a simple text message. Capture your customers’ interest while it’s still fresh on their minds.

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Our full-managed service takes care of every aspect of your remarketing campaigns from implementing effective strategies to continuous optimization with a team of cart abandonment experts.

All you need to do is sit back and see the results.

Award customers based on their interaction with your E-commerce store

Unlike hundreds of cart abandonment recovery plugins, Keptify takes a different approach by triggering
unique offers to each customer.

Spending behavior

Different offers for new vs returning customer

Smart offers for paid ads

Product group deals

Location-based experience

Capture checkout abandonment

The perfect solution for your eCommerce business

Convert your browsers into buyers with the help of real-time data and analytics. Our cart recovery technology and conversion rate optimization tactics make the entire customer journey seamlessly aligned with your business’ growth.

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