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The Problem With E-Commerce

Brick and mortar store owners have spent thousands of years perfecting their sales tactics in order to make more money from every customer that enters their shop. When you walk into a store on the street, you’re instantly greeted with sales signs, customer support, upsells at the checkout and, of course, the good ol’ club card. Yet for some reason, most online store owners fail to replicate this. Cart abandonment alone is responsible for losing a staggering 70% of sales. As a result, ecommerce store owners like yourself are losing money every day.

Our Solution

What if you could apply brick and mortar sales tactics to your online store? At Keptify we do exactly that. We take the tricks of the trade that our ancestors developed and apply them to a digital world, reducing the number of abandoned carts and increasing revenue.

Keptify is here to put a solution to this problem. With our advanced customer behavior technology, Keptify is here to convert brick and mortar tactics into a well oiled digital machine that’s only purpose is to make you more money for your efforts. Without such tools, you’re leaving money on the table - money you work hard to get.

Advanced Cart Analyzer

We analyze and understand your users through key abandonment indicators such as location, gender, device and browser

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“By working with Keptify and sending timely, well designed emails, we've increased our online annual sales by over 20% with an average order value 30% higher than our direct website sales”
Eugen Rus
Sales Director,
Revenue Increased by
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