Marketing Automation Explained with Automation Cycles

Last updated on March 23, 2018

Marketing automation is a technology that allows companies to gather and automate marketing goals. It is widely used to automate repetitive tasks such as emails social media and other website actions. Automation technology enables companies to focus, automate and measure marketing tasks, so they can help to increase operational efficiency and ROI faster.

Simply marketing automation is the combination of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), analytics and email marketing.

There are many other features of Marketing Automation besides email marketing and landing pages. 

Features of Marketing Automation

A landing page is a webpage that where the visitor can arrive and will gain certainly valued information and also may get offers. Landing pages can be used for marketing purpose and these are the standalone web page designed for the distinctly focused purpose.

landing page


Email remarketing is the best practice of sending a targeted email to the visitors. It is completely based on the visitor’s behavior. It requires the behavioral data of your customers and visitors to perform a certain action with them.

For most of the e-commerce and online business visitors sign up for an account and go for purchasing process but at the middle of the purchase, they abandon their purchasing process.

email marketing template


For a merchant the most important thing that is to know why do shoppers abandon their cart? In order to get visitors who initiated in order to come back to your website and complete their order, you need to engage with the help of email remarketing.

Marketing Automation Cycle

This figure shows marketing automation cycle and by analyzing this you can say that marketing automation will help you to generate quality leads for your business.

At the first phase, you are running campaigns on your website along with that you are also optimizing those campaigns for better user experiences.

It means that you always have to focus on better user experience because the first impression is the last impression.

At the first point your customers, readers, visitors will look for Quality design and quality information. That is the main factor to grab more attention of your potential customers.

Marketing Automation

Now after the optimization and generation of leads, you have to analyze all the generated leads and interact with them identify which is the qualified lead for your business.

It is a necessary process because after all, you have to generate revenue as well as grow your business along with managing a better relationship with your customers.

main goal of business

Now finally you have to evaluate your whole campaign because it will give you an idea of lacking part of that campaign and help you set better goals for next time.

Wrapping it up

Therefore, marketing automation is the software used in many modern marketing processes. It can be used for all types of online businesses including B2B and B2C organizations

So with the help of marketing automation, marketers can streamline their lead generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring processes which leads to the better ROI (Return on Investment) and quality lead generation. You can also check out what marketing automation is like with Keptify.


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