How It Works

4 Simple steps to start working on your cart abandonment
It takes less than 1 minute to sign up Keptify account.
Need your 4 minutes to add snippet code on your website.
We will setup all the creatives, templates and implement all campaigns on your websites
Sit back, stay calm and watch the Keptify visualized analytics to know about visitor turning into customer
What is Keptify?
Keptify is a remarketing tool, we are enabling cart analytics, onsite remarketing (exit-intent popup, email and A/B testing) and marketing automation features for our customers.
How Keptify works?
As you signed up for Keptify you will get snippet code on your Keptify merchant dashboard or even on your email. You just need to add Keptify code on your website and you are good to go.

Furthermore, about campaign setup and creatives design, we will assign a dedicated account manager to manage all things for you.
What is the Pricing strategy?
We here at Keptify focus on providing quality services to our customers. This is why we work in an on performance basis. This means you only need to pay a certain commission of each sale generated via Keptify. Moving on, since we believe our strength is in providing quality service, we even have a no contract policy. If you ever feel that Keptify does not meet your expectations, you can walk away at any time you decide to.
Who can use Keptify?
Any ecommerce users and booking engines.
Do we have to sign any contract ?
No. Not at All
What is Cart Abandonment?
Answer: Abandonment is the situation when a visitor on a website who leaves that page before completing the purchase.
What is A/B Testing?
A/B testing feature that can be re-marketed based on referrer, by country and by URL. Based on those metrics you can test over different layovers and see what works best for you.
What is Profiling feature of Keptify?
A visualized data which will give you a detailed information regarding your converting and non-converting traffic. With this information you can target the best suitable market and hence get a better ROI.
What is Reporting feature of Keptify?
You will now have detailed information of your customer activities and their actions.This feature will help you decide which metric data is more powerful in comparison to the others.
What is Facebook   Adroll Retargeting?
We help remarket to customers by integrating Keptify with Facebook Ads and Adroll. We use our analytics to deliver targeted ads to customers that have already been exposed to your message. Engage your customers everywhere they go and influence them to make a purchase.
What technology you are using ?
We use Asynchronous loading technology which doesn’t affect site performance at all.

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