How Important are Product Reviews?

Last updated on January 25, 2018

Recent studies show that more and more customers are quickly losing their trust and interest in all forms of advertising these days. Why is that?

Well, deceptive marketing activities and over promising promotions are the main reason behind this situation. They are turning eCommerce shoppers to look for product reviews before they purchase any products or services. This way, we’ll have more and more informed consumers, who will help directly or indirectly to promote our products and services that are really worth promoting.

Online store owners now understand the emphasis that they need to put on product reviews, so we see more and more stores that are now integrating third-party reviews into their site.

But why exactly do consumers love reviews and testimonials?

Information overload

In today’s world, with so many options available in online, shoppers want to make the best decision when making a new purchase. Being overwhelmed by all the specs and descriptions available, they simply find it easier to rely on information coming from people like them.

Trust Factor

When they are facing a new purchase, especially at a good price, they often wonder what could go wrong with that product and what are its weaknesses. That’s where they will look for negative but verified reviews, just to make sure it’s nothing major. And they know that the only credible source of such reviews is coming from its customers, who are simply expressing their opinion, with goods and bads altogether.

Eliminates jargon

Reviews written by everyday customers will often be easier to understand and to relate to by the average consumer. Very often, the professionally produced reviews lack the natural elements as they tend to be part of an affiliate program or might receive some form of incentive for producing that review or testimonial.

Social proof

And the last but not least is the Social Proof element, which massively reduces the risk of a purchase that no one has done before; at least in the eyes of the consumer and from a psychological perspective. Knowingly or not, we do care what others have bought and how will it make us feel if we buy the same product.

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