7 Deadly Sins of e-Commerce that cause Cart Abandonment [with Solutions]
80% of online stores fail. Your store might be one of them. Learn how you can avoid the deadliest sins of e-commerce with this comprehensive cart abandonment solution eBook.
Shopping cart abandonment is an inevitable part of any eCommerce store. But what if you could identify the exact reasons behind your store's cart abandonment? With this eBook, you not only get exclusive insight to the biggest reasons behind online store failures but also strategies which will help you get back lost customers and grow your business.
Learn the same simple growth hacks we used to recover £90,000 in 3 months for just one of our clients. It's all inside this easy-to-read ebook!
Haico Duisters Co-Founder, Keptify
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The biggest causes behind your online store's cart abandonment and how to deal with each one of them.
Compehensive examples from every industry to help you personalize your product/service.
How using cart abandonment solution can significantly grow your business overnight.
Monitor and evaluate your online store to avoid the 7 deadliest sins of eCommerce and proactively counter them.

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