Award customers based on how much they spend

Encourage customers with a lower cart value to spend more while also offering them rewards for reaching a cart value threshold.

Entice new customers and award the existing

The way you interact with a new customer and a returning customer is always different. With Keptify, you can integrate this online.

Incentify product groups with interaction-based deals

Perfect for promoting specific offers related to a specific category of products so that every group of audience is presented with something that they’re interested in.

Assist paid ads with smart offers - protect margins while converting

Different ad platforms charge different fees. Make sure you don’t overspend by offering the same deals to visitors coming in from different paid channels.

Leverage customer’s location with a personalized experience

Engage customers coming in from any part of the world by offering them deals that are personalized to their own location.

Capture customers with unexpected checkout issues

There really is no guarantee that all of your customers won’t face any issues while checking out. Let them save their carts for later and complete their purchase at their convenience.

Stay connected with customers at all times

Reach your customers even when they’re away from your online store. Keptify covers all platforms to help you stay connected with ease.

Don’t just take our word for it - Keptify helps
E-commerce businesses regardless of
what they sell

Keptify’s team of experts have worked with almost every E-commerce industry from retails to subscription boxes. Leverage our team’s experience without any extra cost.


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