5 Best Ways to Personalize your Upselling and Cross-Selling Strategy

Last updated on February 5, 2019

According to Forrester research analysis, upselling and cross-selling strategies are solely responsible for an average of 10-30% of e-commerce business revenues.

Being a seller, you want your shoppers to be accustomed through your strategic and standard marketing route. You like them to view more products from your website and then eventually buy the product.

But shoppers get easily annoyed when you force them to buy the products they don’t want. This leads any business to face a unique set of challenges while creating their brand and revenue.

However, this does not mean that you can adopt the nickel and dime approach for your business. You can creatively build your customer value with the help of upselling and cross-selling.

Upselling: It is a strategy whenever the seller encourages the customer to spend more on additional opportunities/products or services of the current consideration, for the purpose of making larger sales.

Cross-Selling: Cross Selling is a strategy whenever you try to recommend your customer to spend more on additional products/services that complement their existing products (generally complements the existing product but is a different product).

By adopting upselling and cross-selling strategy does not mean that taking the traditional way of approaches. You need to be more personal while delivering these strategies for your customer experience.

In this article, we will discuss 5 personal customizations that you can make to your upsell and cross-sell strategy.


In any e-commerce business, building trust with your customers becomes the main problem.

Any shopper who visits your online store has a skeptical question whether your product is genuinely good or not? and will they get dissatisfied after buying the product?

Here you need to tackle these skeptical questions with very authentic customer reviews. You need to show them what they want to hear before making the purchase. Do not depend on any advertisement or any other impartial opinion at this stage.

Product reviews not only backs your product in front of the shoppers but they also help to create your brand name.


With the help of “Product Reviews”, you can easily build your trust with your shoppers. Now you need to provide the reviews of cross-selling items to your shoppers. This will also allow you to shorten your sales procedure.

To make sure you effectively push your cross-sell strategy at the time of personalization, filter our the reviews that will resonate with your shopper’s interest.

For example, If one of your shoppers previously bought the product based on its quality, display the selected reviews based on his quality concern.

Offering Personal Product Recommendation

You need to analyze the personal data of each of your customers. With this analytical data offer them with recommendations that they want to see and is an actual need for them.

Besides this, you need to communicate with your shoppers as well. Your words matter a lot and can make or break the deal at any time.

Communicating with your shoppers on a personal level such as saying their name makes a powerful impact.

Offering Personal Product Recommendation

These small factors make them pay attention to you at the time of cross-selling. Therefore try to leverage your cross-sell language on a personal level by using words like you, your and yours.

Consider Payment Plan

Never underestimate the pricing concern of your shoppers. If they recently bought a $100 item does not mean that they are willing to buy another $1000 product right after.

But this does not mean that you stop trying to implement the upsells for your payment plans.

You can also introduce bundling in your cross-sell strategy. This way you can deliver your products in a batch of perfect packages to your shoppers. Not only shoppers will see it as a delightful package but also a bargain.

Bundling approach does not specifically require the theory of relativity but you need to be very much care and follow some simple yet effective practices.

For example, the products you are including in your bundle package should also be available as a separate product. If the customer has to buy the whole bundle just for the sake of that sole product then it’s a single product rather than the whole package deal. This way, the shopper has no choice and the whole idea of bargain collapses.

Consider Payment Plan

Always focus on the payment plan of your shoppers rather than your ridiculous sales tactics.

Focus on Timing and Limitation

Upsell to your customers at the right time. It’s up to you that you not only create value but also to provide them at the right time.

First, analyze the problems that your customers need you to solve for them. Once is solved then focus on the additional services that can lead them to reach even greater success.

You need to be well-acquainted with your shoppers need and demand to convert a single sale into multiple one.

After this step, try to limit your product’s usage to notch up your upselling opportunities. Placing a limitation on your product allows shoppers to understand what you have to offer.

Focus on Timing and Limitation

Give them chance to anlayze the value of your products and once they do notice it, they will ask for more. A perfect opportunity for you to upsell.

Flawless Customer Support

Educate your support team to spot the upsell opportunities at the time of dealing with customers. However, you cannot overdo this outreach strategy. Tell them to stick with an honest review of products.

Thus, your support team must be able to deal with customer’s problem at first. Problem-solving always needs to be your first priority.

Flawless Customer Support

Once you are done with that, try to insert upsell while dealing with them and let them know about additional details that they can apply to make their sales boom.

Personalize to Sell More

Upselling and Cros-Selling are all-time effective marketing approaches. If you are able to use them correclty, it will allow you to reach greater success in your ecommerce business.

Incorporate personalization into your marketing strategy. Make the best use of product reviews and understand your customer pricing plan.

Always keep it simple and focusing on your customer’s mark will automatically help you to achieve customer lifetime value. If you want to know more then connect with our team to guide you through your online business journey.

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