Attending Affiliate World Asia 2017

Last updated on January 22, 2018

Keptify attended the Affiliate World Asia 2017 held from 6–8th December 2017 at Bangkok, Thailand.

The place was heaven for people seeking knowledge regarding Affiliate marketing and Digital marketing, Dropshipping, networking and much more.

Talking more on Affiliate World Asia from the basic,

Affiliate World Asia

Affiliate World Asia is the world’s largest super-affiliate conference where the elite of the affiliate industry gathers. With over 3000+ attendees, 30+ speakers and 130+ exhibitors, it offers endless networking opportunities.

In simple words, Affiliate Summit brought together hundreds of the world’s top advertisers, merchants, and technology providers to network, learn and share on the very latest thinking and strategies in affiliate management, attribution, blogging, fraud, legal, mobile, multi-channel, SEO, social media, video, WordPress and more.

Just imagine, a single platform where most renowned and reputed affiliate and digital market influencers and experts around the world are gathered to share their knowledge, experience and ideas.

Everywhere you go, you get the opportunity to gather valuable information. It was like knowledge was in the air.

What are people saying about Affiliate Summit?

It’s no wonder Drew Eric Whitman considers it “a sure-fire success shortcut that can save years of expensive trial and error”.

“People who have been in the industry for a long time are tired of other ‘affiliate’ conferences, which are not specialized. But Affiliate World… it’s an absolute game changer.” MATT WASSERMAN, Affiliate

“The Meet Market was definitely the most successful event of its kind I have been involved in. We met a lot of excellent potential partners in a short time, and the small booth space enabled everyone to cover a lot of ground.” – Dan Gladwell, All Web Leads, Affiliate Manager

“This is one of the best conferences I have ever attended. The energy of the group is inspiring and contagious. This is one of the most organized events – all of the details being covered makes it even more enjoyable to attend!” – Shannon Vogel, The Be-Scene, Owner

“Great Way to get connected with other networks and affiliates from around the world.” – Jason Poore, THN Enterprises LLC, CEO

Taking names of the influential speakers, here are few


Psychographic Data Analyst


Co-Founder, Crazy Egg & Hello Bar


Co-founder, Purple Leads


Founder, Mark Houng Inc.


Founder & CEO, All Inclusive Marketing


Founder, Milky Way Media


CEO, Digital Marketing Triumph

The list of speakers just goes on and on, so here is the complete list

Highlights of the Event

Day 1 :

Basically, Dec 5 was for registration to the summit and collecting your badge. Most of the panels were about starting up your business in many platforms and what things you should keep in mind while carrying out your procedure.

The crowd was more than expected. People were eagerly participating the program

Day 2 :

Moving on to the 2nd day of the summit was more exciting and intriguing. Affiliate Asia’s main sponsor MOBIDEA arranged the speakers who talked mainly about tactical strategies and plannings for your marketing businesses including Facebook and mobile strategies.

Most of the panels were interesting and knowledgeable.

Day 3 :

Finally, on the final day of the summit, there were multiple workshops providing you with the valuable case studies and guides regarding affiliates. The resources were just on to the point and spectacular for your growing business.

Neil Patel’s explanation about landing page hacks was exemplary.

One with Neil Patel

Why is Affiliate World Asia the best place to be?

  1. You get to collect as much information for your affiliate and digital marketing prospects.
  2. Helps to grow your networking.
  3. Imagine being with the people you admire of and following rest of your life.
  4. Meeting top quality affiliates
  5. After parties and private meetup discussions are just amazing.

After party 2017

Wrapping it up

The type of platform and experience offered by Affiliate window for the startups and young minds who are thinking big in the industry was just incredible and amazing.

Imagine being there sharing your drinks with the influencers you always dream to be was a dream come true for many young types of blood. A new experience and learning environment has been created by the Affiliate World Summit.

Affiliate World Asia keeps getting bigger and bigger with the best and coolest experience ever.

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