8 Reasons why people LOVE shopping online

Last updated on March 23, 2018

It is no surprise that online shopping has taken the world by storm ever since the invention of eCommerce.

This has resulted in traditional stores integrating online selling to reap the sweet benefits from the digital world. Some even go to the lengths of completely abandoning physical stores and investing their resources on a digital one.

But what makes customers prefer online stores? Let’s break down the 8 most common reasons why people love shopping online:



All it takes for someone to shop online is an electronic device with internet connection. You don’t even have to put on any clothes to order a $3,000 worth TV. Can it get any more convenient than that?

Better Prices

better prices online

A new Macy’s Weatherproof coat priced at $112 was priced at $69.99 online. Retailers save a huge portion of their funds by selling online, hence customers get the same products at a much cheaper price.



Another reason that makes customers love online shopping is that they get to choose from a plethora of brands, colors, sizes, and whatnot. Having the luxury to stick to the exact needs that a customer has in mind makes for a great shopping experience.

Less Expenses

Less expenses

When you’re shopping online, you don’t need to spend a single penny on transportation, eating at a restaurant and more importantly time and energy. This is one of the biggest factors that customers take into consideration while buying online.

Price Comparison

Price comparison

Remember the number of times you purchased something and realized you were ripped off after doing a little research (a little too late). Online shopping allows customers to compare prices, read reviews and choose the best alternative all in one place.

No Crowds

No crowds

No one enjoys having to spend 10 minutes standing in a line to PAY for something they want. There’s no one standing in front of a customer when you’re buying online. They get to weigh their decision of buying a product taking all the time in the world.

Compulsive Shopping

Compulsive Shopping

A typical customer usually ends up spending a lot more on buying things that weren’t even on their to-buy list while going shopping. While shopping online, they search specifically for one product and filter the possibilities of compulsive shopping.

Discreet Purchasing

discreet purchasing

Imagine the number of times you were either too shy or too embarrassed to buy something. Customers do not have to worry about their image when their identity is confidential to the site they’re purchasing from. A 30-year-old adult who loves buying kids toys or a boyfriend who wants to gift his significant other an exotic lingerie can shop to their heart’s content with a simple click.

If you’re planning to start an online business, it is crucial to understand the customers and their main reasons for shopping online. The online selling giants understand these aspects and integrate them into their company’s selling strategies. Want to know more? Get our conversion specialist’s guidance to help you understand your market and how you can give your sales a boost.

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