7 Best Ways To Boost the Value Of Your Content With Promotional Strategies

Last updated on September 23, 2019

Content marketing is one of the key marketing strategies to boost the value of your brand and website. If you want your content to reach its potential readers and drive marketing goals than you need to be proactive with your content promotion.

You may want to ignore the content that is never consumed, share or downloaded by any of your market audiences.

In this article, we’ve focused on points that you need to explore while boosting your content aligned to promotional strategies.

Regular newsletter for loyal subscribers

According to the Campaign Monitor, open rates for email marketing messages are generally in the 20-30% range, meaning your message is 5x more likely to be seen through email than any other social media platform.

Your email subscribers are already aware of your brand and contents which is why there is more probability of engagement. They subscribed because they are willing to learn more about your brand. So, always put your email subscribers in front of your social media audiences.

Search Engine Optimization

Whenever you create content, the first thing you need to make sure is it is aligned with SEO before publishing it to your readers.

The SEO-optimized content target quality traffics and its one of the biggest advantages is that it’s an inbound marketing strategy. This way it will allow your readers to get to you when they want any kind of information or content.

Most importantly, the primary goal of SEO is to increase your brand and content visibility in search results for queries related to your market area.

Reaching out to prospects through social media

Social media sites are very powerful platforms to engage with various customers. It helps in customizing your brand value as well as content promotion.

Try to spread your new content on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other channels to very relevant audiences. It will help your content to reach out to a very large number of genuine customers with ease.

Nowadays, this strategy can be implemented easily with the help of tools like Hubspot. Remember setting up your posts in this tool will only allow you to use the same content for multiple social platforms which may not look good at the customers’ end. Thus, unique and creative content according to platforms will help you personalize your brand and better engagement.

Content sharing and Backlinking

Connecting with the leaders of your market platforms to republish your content on their website is an excellent step to spread your content to a huge number of genuine readers.

This strategy carries a mutual benefit for both the company because each one will get fresh content to post on their website without making extra efforts. Also, more content on your website means you can share a uniques content to your readers without boring them.

While performing this strategy, do not forget to apply related tags to your content at the time of posting. This will allow you to skip the duplicate content and reposted content outranking the original blog post issues. Be more care at platforms like Quora and Medium because these are the websites that allow user-generated content.

Therefore make sure to give your posts a bit unique nudges when you post on those websites. For example, altering the title of posts, concentrating more on unique content and maybe leaving a link to view the full article on your website.

Encouraging guest posts

Guest post is always a great idea to raise your brand awareness. With the help of this method, you’ll be able to leave your content in a way that will drive visitors to your website without making many efforts.

Guest posts must be done in a mutual benefit of both the involving parties. This way you create an environment where you can partner with many related writers out there in the market without any problem. Whenever anyone contributes their own content on your website, they’re most likely to spread it in their social media as well which’ll eventually drive organic traffic to your website.

Giving a chance to paid ads and remarketing campaigns

Paid promotion advertisement covers a wide area of marketing tactics such as paid searches, ad display, paid social and content distribution networks. Mostly, people tend to group these tactics under the “pay-per-click” PPC advertising.

Make sure you create a targeted audience before you start your paid campaigns. This way you’ll get more value as much as possible from the amount you are spending.

Another important part is to define your budget before you execute your promotion. These are the things that will allow you to reach a greater and targeted audience. But be sure to provide engaging content while reaching out.

Engaging activities with visitors for greater output.

Activities such as contests might not be a great option for promoting your content in the market but they are definitely a powerful tool for soliciting content that eventually promotes itself.

Create the contests that your audience feels like engaging and to contribute with. It will allow you to get their opinion while tailoring another perfect promotion of your next content.

Greater engagement means a greater audience. The brand value will be more successful around serious and contributing traffic. 

Wrapping it up…

Constant input on your creative high performing content is a key here. Remember, though your high performing content won’t be your latest, fresh content. Therefore make sure you spread them out regularly through multiple social platforms, newsletters on a regular timely basis.

Do visit your least performing content from time to tome and make sure to re-optimize it. This will allow your content to reach the mass audience and act as a high performing content.

Content is the key to increase the value of your content and brand. Hence, try to provide more productive and unique contents to your targeted audiences. Also, don’t forget to spread them through various marketing strategies.

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