Why Automation and Personalisation aren’t Two Polar Opposites

Last updated on May 30, 2017

Striking the balance between personalizing your products and services while ensuring that automation takes care of the traditional legwork seems to be tripping up quite a few e-commerce businesses. And who can blame them? With a pageantry of “solutions” “tools” and “tricks” to reach “more customers” in more “meaningful ways”, online business owners are understandably feeling overwhelmed by the oversupply of choice when it comes to selecting the right tools for their business.

Ironically, so are the customers they’re trying to reach. Customers are continually inundated with marketing messages that claim to give them more choice. Choose this and get that for free. Do this and we’ll slice the price of that. Choice…who would have thought we’d actually want less of it?

But let’s get back to automation versus personalisation for a second.

When used right, automation results in more value to our customers

Yes, automation tools do take much of the legwork out of traditional marketing, but that doesn’t mean online business owners suddenly have more time on their hands. What it means is that we now have an abundant supply of new customer data with which to craft personalized customer experiences that add value to the people who buy our products.

Automation gives more customer insights

While it may seem intangible, the value is what customers want today. Research shows that the modern Joe Consumer demands far more upfront value demonstration than in the days prior. In fact, almost 50% of surveyed consumers say they are likely to spend more if their experience is personalized, while over 70% feel frustrated when they receive marketing communication that’s not relevant to them.

And that’s where automation comes in: it gives you the insights you need to identify areas in your service/product offering where you can add more value to your customers. Remember those “Rate Us” cards with the smiley faces you always intended to but never filled out?

Automation can lead to more sales

On a very basic level, automation software does this and much more for your brand by not only giving you a completed customer sentiment card but a wealth of insights you can use to add value to your customer’s experience with your brand.

A look at automation in action

Just as in the case with a tenacious brick and mortar salesperson, cart abandonment platforms give you ample opportunity to study your leads and customers as they traverse your online store. Keptify informs you about a customer’s age, gender, browsing habits, brand preferences, dislikes – heck, far more than what any salesperson could ever tell you. And more importantly, without ever interrupting customers in the process.

Keptify automates the collection of a range of customer and lead insights by quietly working in the background as people visit your website. It collates information such as the device used by a lead, their geographic location, their names, genders and the items they showed interest in and uses this data to craft personalized follow-up messages to leads once they leave your store.

Automation and Personalisation equals the perfect shopping buddy

Ever spot an item and wish your best friend was around to give you his/her opinion? That friend who just has the knack for giving you the right advice about a piece of clothing, jewelry or even a car that matches your personality? The person who shows up on your birthday with a gift that reflects exactly who you are?

Is your e commerce offering striking the balance between automation and personalisation?

Think of e-commerce customer experience personalization in this light. It’s your leads’ perfect companion as they peruse your online store. It makes relevant, contextual and personalized recommendations to your leads while keeping the conversation going beyond your store – just like that perfect shopping buddy.

And it’s the perfect companion for e-commerce business owners also since it takes all that legwork off your hands to help you focus on growing your e-commerce store into a successful business. At Keptify, we use technology as a bridge between brands and the people they seek to connect with. To learn more, sign up for your free demo today.

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