Top 5 Underlooked Mistakes Online Stores Make

Last updated on January 25, 2018

There are dozens of simple and common mistakes online stores make while competing, however, in this article, we have discussed top five of those mistakes in detail.

1. Not using the full potential of analytics. 

Every online store should try and learn as much as possible about their customer’s behavior in order to increase conversion rate.

Why our visitors are not buying what we sell? Why so many visitors abandon our website without making any purchase? And how can we get them back to make the purchase? Which are the top converting sources? and also What are the worst factors that are pushing my visitors away?

Any person responsible for the growth of an online store should ask these questions and then actively work on these customer losing problems. It’s simple, it’s all there, free or paid solutions, in all sizes and colors.

2. Website doesn’t properly support mobile devices

The migration of visitors from desktop to mobile did not happen overnight, hence many long-established online stores did not feel the pain and the immediate need to change their websites and welcome these visitors properly.

However, more and more online store owners are now seeing that over 40 percent of their visitors are using a mobile device to visit their store. So offering these visitors a difficult journey on your site will have a significant negative impact on your sales but also on company image.

3. Not emailing the customers who abandon their carts

The average abandon rate for online stores is now around 70%. Might sound huge for a store who never measured their abandon rate at checkout before. It’s huge indeed and it’s a number that’s going to continuously grow, especially because of the increasing number of online stores out there, multiple choices, better prices, and so on.

Capturing their details and emailing the customers who abandoned their orders is the first step that online stores need to take in order to actively reduce the abandon rates and improve conversions at checkout.

It’s important to keep your important visitors close to your website. The more they visit, the more they buy, the more they buy, the more they visit. So keep them engaged, keep them close.

4. No clear call to actions (“add to cart”, “checkout”, “continue”).

We’ve seen it many times. Large online stores with a tiny call to action buttons. Once they start taking user experience more seriously, sales rapidly increase.

It’s easy to count your customers and everyone loves doing that, but who counts the real number of potential customers who are getting frustrated and then move away to your competitors?

Very few customers will tell you that your checkout sucks, however, many will notice and appreciate a smooth checkout. It’s something that they will always remember and associate with your brand.

So remember these three golden rules when looking at your interaction design:

  • Have large and clear call to actions
  • Remove unnecessary steps from the checkout process
  • Provide multiple payment options and make it easy to choose the right one

5. Not using A/B testing to validate design changes

Everyone knows about it, but only a few talks about it and works continuously to solve these problems.

Do you think you’ve achieved perfection when it comes to your store layout and designs? And here I’m not referring to website design, but to interactive design, which is the key to your store’s success and conversion store.

Of course, getting a traffic to your website is very important but spending more money to fill a bucket that is heavily leaking doesn’t really make sense, does it?

So, find the patch that stops the leak from your bucket and then change your focus back to the traffic.

Maybe, our experts can help you find those patches and show you the brilliant ways to increase your conversion rate and also the traffic.

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