Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons and Solution

Last updated on April 14, 2020

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

When visitors visit your website and surf, also add some products to their basket but then leave at the time of completing the final purchase. Shopping cart abandonment is one of the major problems for eCommerce sites. In words, it is almost considered as a plague for an online business store.

You are reading this article which probably means your eCommerce store is also suffering from high cart abandonment rate. This means there are some factors stopping your shoppers from the final purchase and you have to work harder on those factors to achieve your business goals.

There are various solutions for cart abandonment solution like implementing remarketing and retargeting. You need to convert those abandoned leads and nurture them to make the final purchase. But, before moving on to the cart abandonment solutions, you need to know why cart abandonment occurs.

After cart abandonment situation you need to focus on how to engage the customers who have already abandoned their carts, and how to build a strong relationship with the customer through our simple guide, Boost the conversion rate of your eCommerce store.

abandonment status
The figure shows abandonment rate 72.6% it means an eCommerce company losing potential revenue out there.

Before focusing on any factors, firstly you need to discover the reasons that are making your shoppers abandoning their carts in the first place. Once you figure out your shopper’s behavior then only you will be able to recover your abandoned shopping carts.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the main shopping cart abandonment reasons that made your potential customers change their mind at the time of checkout step.

Price spike disappointment

Price spike has been a huge disappointment for shoppers. In fact, customers become shocked by the price spike at the time of checkout when shipping and taxes are included in the total. Thus, after seeing a comparatively large upward movement of a price makes your customer walk away from your online store and leads to shopping cart abandonment.

Website data and transaction security

Customers have concerns about website data and transaction security. Whenever the customer shops in your online store they became much concerned about their security details. The unsecured medium of transaction makes your customer move away from your online store.

Non-interactive and Non-Intuitive websites

Another reason for shopping cart abandonment is non-interactive and non-intuitive websites. If you do not provide your shoppers with simple shopping procedure, add to cart, guidelines and easy surfing mechanism, long checkout procedure, unclear view of products, your customers may find it difficult to shop. The shopper may find their shopping experience hectic and troublesome.

Payment methods

When your online store does not facilitate payment internationally as well as locally, it’s going to be a strong deterrent to a customer’s online purchase. Not finding preferred payment method leads the customer to leave your online store and force them to make the purchase at your competitors.

Due to lack of preferred payment reasons 92% of customers leave your site.

There is no point of having a beautiful site for your business store if the customer can’t pay.

Shipping costs

Many customers are turned down when they see the final price isn’t as they like. In fact, many customers add the products into the carts just to see the shipping costs. Most of the shoppers see these excessive shipping costs as “fraud”. Especially when they add the products with very low price and the shipping costs are huge.

Solutions for Reducing Shopping cart Abandonment

Marketing Strategies

There are a lot of ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate. One of the most popular is remarketing and retargeting. But before doing that you must identify the main reasons that are causing abandonment rate and you must create the marketing strategy for your eCommerce website.

This way you will be successful to convert your abandoned customer to complete the final purchase. With increased competition in the market, you should always make your customer experience unique and personalized. Every customer needs to be treated differently as per their behavior on the site. You need to set tailored experiences and strategies to redeem your customers.

For the customers who abandon their cart after reasons like shipping cost or transaction, security must not be treated as same as the customer who walks away from their computer without final purchase. You should make the cart abandonment nurturing strategies according to the shoppers’ abandoning behavior.

The shoppers who abandon their carts due to the price spike must be nurtured differently such as sending them personalized emails with incentives such as free shipping or attractive discount coupons. Or you can show them the actual total parallel before reaching to the checkout process.

You can always use your business experience for retaining the customers also, you need to make your make your customer feel welcomed and satisfactory by providing an interactive and intuitive interface on your sites. Such as interactive and intuitive images, featuring multiple high definition shots, 360-degree view, and zoomable content, enables your customers to feel closer to your online store products.

Wrapping it up

Unlike business to business sales reputation, that can utilize human instinct to tailoring the purchasing background and defeat complaints, internet business organizations have only one sales reputation, their shopping cart, that must be enabled to make personalize purchasing knowledge for thousand or several thousand or a huge number of genuine, live, unique individuals each time.

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