More than $1,744,644 in sales generated by Keptify

Managed Shopify Cart Abandonment Solution

Our team of experts will take care of the cart abandonment solutions; creatives, design, and setup of your campaigns.

No startup cost. No cancellation fees.

Online Experiences

More than exit-intent overlays.

Intelligent overlays with targeted and personalized functionality



Email Experiences

Remind visitors about their cart.

Retarget visitiors with new offerings and deals.



API Intetrations

Explore all Newly-Backed API methods for better optimization.

Keptify supports Zapier, Twilio, GetResponse, MailChimp


Cart Analyzer

Learn about your visitors behavior.

Profile cart abandonment Behavior to make strategic decisions.




SMS Remarketing

Use SMS to recover your lost sales

Boost conversion rate with segmented and super-relevant messages




Facebook & Adroll Retargeting

Advertise your campaigns through Facebook and Adroll.

Leverage cart abandonment data in your campaigns.


Why Our Customers Love Us

“Keptify are always extremely helpful with any questions we have and are so easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Keptify to any company looking to implement a cart recovery programme.”

Andy Mckeown

Why Our Customers Love Us

“We are very happy to work with Keptify, they are very patient and professional. Our sales has been increased by 10%, it’s a fantastic experience! I am super willing to recommend Keptify to the company who need a cart recovery program! They will never let you down!”

Daisy Smith
Tidebuy International Limited LLC affiliate network

Why Our Customers Love Us

“By working with Keptify and sending timely, well designed emails, we’ve increased our online annual sales by over 20% with an average order value 30% higher than our direct website sales”

Eugen Rus
sales Director,


Easy one time implemetation

A small independent JavaScript code on your website. The code does not affect the site’s speed and performance.

Cart Insights

It takes less than a minute to gain insights to your cart abandonment rate.

Leads Capture

Capture the leads of your visitors who abandon as well as complete their purchase.

Targeted strategies

Implementing well-decorated strategies based on visitors cart activity for maximum ROI.

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