6 Reasons that can cause High Bounce Rate

Last updated on October 1, 2018

You might have heard the term “bounce rate” which means the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page or leaving the site immediately without performing any sort of action. High bounce rate for any website is injurious and leads to low ranking.

The below metrics is derived from Google Analytics. Which is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and gives a report about website visitors? Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytical tool on the Internet. So it’s better to use Google Analytics to keep track of your website bounce rate.

bounce rate of website

bounce rate analysis

Just take a look at the above picture you can see different points where the bounce rate is higher than at other points. So you can say that a higher bounce rate means lower interaction with your website.

On that particular day, we’ve got few valid visitors due to higher bounce rate. So bounce rate needs to be reduced. Reduction in bounce rate can help your business to perform better.

Now let’s talk about the reasons that can cause a high bounce rate. In simple words, there are many reasons but in this article, We will talk about the few and most important reasons that each everybody should have to resolve.  

1. Web Design and Usability

Website Desing is one of the key factors that can cause a high bounce rate. If you are still using obsolete website design then you must have to redesign your website. In simple terms to impress your readers, visitors, customers you have to present it in a unique way. If your web design is cluttered, have some colors that really hurt the eyes, full of jumping flash animations or has some other design flaw that makes your visitors feel uncomfortable you can be sure that the page would experience a

2. Slow Page Load Time

Page loading time is a very important thing for any website to decrease their bounce rate. Without optimizing page loading time it will be very difficult to decrease the bounce rate of the website. Fast loading means lots of visitors will interact with your website and pages. If your website is loading very slowly then visitors will leave your website immediately.  Test Your Website Loading Time.

3. Displaying Unnecessary Popups

If you are annoying your visitors by showing different unnecessary popups then they will leave your website immediately. So keep in mind that you are providing the best thing for your readers, customers, and visitors. If at any point you are forcing them for anything then they will leave.

Recently Google Announced about Exit-Intent popups. So it’s better to use exit-intent popups on your website for better performance and to decrease your bounce rate as well.

4. Making Your Content Harder to Read

It’s good to publish content on your website but it’s very bad strategy to publish off content and not readable content on your website. Content readability is the main important factor for your website without having better-presenting style, well written and well-optimized content on your website it’s impossible to reduce bounce rate. So make sure that you are producing more readable content for your visitors.

5. Specialized Technical Issues:

There can be an extensive variety of elements under any web site. Think in the event that you arrive upon a page a portion of which demonstrates some PHP code rather than the information that it should pull from the database.

It’s better to optimize your website code and make it better in the form of loading time and code optimization. The HTML Code ratio also matters. If you are not aware then you must have to learn about code minification technique.

Sometimes technical issues can also cause a high bounce rate. Every time you need to monitor your website and track each and every issue and fix them to provide the better user experience.

6. Ugly Landing Page

The last thing is your landing page that can cause a high bounce rate. You are creating your landing page to generate leads but your landing page design is obsolete then it can cause a higher bounce rate. It’s better to create styles and well-presented landing page for your visitors.

Appealing things will tend to keep viewers’ consideration, and this is precisely what you need. On the other hand, pages with the terrible plan, a couple of graphical components and poor format have a tendency to incite high bob rates.

In this article, you have learned the reasons that can cause a higher bounce rate. Now, you need to implement the best marketing strategies to convert those bouncing traffics into customers.

Do you still, have confusions on sorting out your bouncing traffic? Consult with one of our experts today.

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