Tips and Tricks to succeed your online small business in 2018

Last updated on August 8, 2018

Small businesses are taking over the online world. It seems like everywhere you look on social media today there’s a new online small business advertising the next big thing.

In this wild west of internet where things come and go at a rapid-fire pace, how can small businesses stand out? While there is a lot of noise online, there is still a lot of room for small businesses to make an impact in this digital space. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Keep reading for the best tips and tricks for online small business success in 2018.

Tip 1: Perfect Your Website


In 2018, it’s no longer acceptable to have a subpar website. With a big percentage of transactions taking place over the web, consumers need to know they’re buying from a business they trust. Like your greeter was the face of the business back in the brick-and-mortar days, your website is the first impression new users will have with your business.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your online business website to make it in this industry today, but you do need to focus on the right things. According to Brian Sutter of, your small business website needs key things like a memorable URL, professional hosting, and a responsive design. While the first two on that list are easy enough, responsive design by-far goes the longest way. A growing number of shoppers today are browsing the web on their smartphones, and your website needs to be easy to navigate on any screen size. When in doubt, consult a professional web designer about the best way to create a responsive website for your online small business.

Tip 2: Easy Checkout


The age of complicated, lengthy checkout processes is long gone. People don’t have the patience to fill out several forms of information in this day and age. Humans are emotional buyers, and they’ll abandon their carts if they have too much time to think about purchases before entering card info. Marketing guru Neil Patel claims, “If you could improve your checkout process, you can improve your sales by a huge margin.”

So how do you optimize the checkout process? First, you need to make it easy to checkout from any page. Users don’t want to search for their carts! Next, you need the right merchant account. Merchant accounts can be defined as “a core component and determinant of your company’s success.” Choosing the right merchant account means being able to offer a secure, speedy checkout for your customers.

Tip 3: User Experience

user experience

Focus on the user experience, and anticipate your customer’s needs from the start. List your top-selling products or services on the front page, and make it easy for users to contact you if they have any questions or concerns! A great user experience will keep customers shopping with you again and again. Erik Devaney of HubSpot outlines the top user experience statistics, saying 86% of visitors look for information about products or services on the homepage. That’s a number you can’t ignore!

Building a business in 2018 doesn’t have to be hard! As long as you’re adaptable and willing to try new things, you’ll find success no matter your industry.

In the world of online small business, it often seems like a race to some unseen finish line! Don’t worry about what your competition is doing, just worry about creating a great experience start to finish for your customers! Are you ready to see your business grow? Follow these tips above!

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