Why Mobile Marketing is so Important to Drive Customers Back to Your Online Store

Last updated on April 21, 2020

As companies seek to move towards recurring revenue models where possible, those who operate outside of it must find more creative ways of building lasting relationships with their customers who may or may not come back to make another purchase. One way to do this is to use mobile marketing to drive single sale customers back to your online store.

But that’s not to say that mobile marketing is reserved for non-recurring eCommerce businesses alone. The medium’s flexibility as a marketing tool makes it ideal for anyone who wants to reach their customers or leads more contextually.

Marketing to the power of mobile

eMarketer’s mobile commerce report estimates that by 2021, mobile commerce will account for 72.9% of the ecommerce market.

From mobile coupons, payments, e-commerce apps, SMS notifications, to in-store location messaging: mobile marketing is laying open an entirely new landscape for brands, marketers, and customers to explore. The opportunities are plenty for those looking to leverage this evolving medium and consumers are ready to meet them in this new playing field.

With the number of U.S. mobile users expected to grow from 170 million to 236 million by 2019, e-commerce businesses are vying for the attention of a massive segment of their markets who prefer their mobile devices over traditional computers.

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of using mobile to reach audiences makes it a great medium for engaging large populations of people without breaking the budget. And if anyone starts talking about SMS marketing’s irrelevance in a digital world, kindly ask them when the last time was they read a message sent to their mobile.

The reality is that SMS marketing yields a 98% open rate and 45% conversion rate, figures email and other marketing assets can’t even touch. And with 90% of SMS’ being opened within 3 minutes of receiving them, the opportunities for contextual engagement is too good to waste.

How mobile is changing the face of the online business

Take a guess: what beats a lead who makes an impulsive purchase on their first visit to your online store’s app? Nothing. That’s what. Mobile shopping puts your brand right where your leads are; everywhere they go, every step of the way. E-commerce companies stand to gain tremendously from mobile ubiquity. Being able to reach customers or leads with contextualized messaging, useful updates or special offers gives online shops countless opportunities to up their sales figures.

mobile marketing

In-store apps also have the power to hold users’ attention without competition from others as content within a particular app revolves solely around the brand in question. Apps’ ability to engage users in such a highly relevant way contributed to the fact that almost half of all mobile sales in 2015 took place on apps.

Need some help breathing life into your mobile marketing game plan?

At Keptify, we know that every dollar spent on building a successful e-commerce business counts. That’s why we built a solution that is simple, effective and perfectly priced to turn leads into sales without breaking your budget. Our e-commerce solutions are designed with business owners who need actionable customer insights in mind.

Whether they visit your store from their mobile devices or from a desktop computer, Keptify lets you understand your customers better so you can engage with customized emails, offers and product updates that make them come back for more. Want to breathe new life into your e-commerce sales pipeline? Contact us today.

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