What is Marketing Automation Like with Keptify?

Last updated on January 18, 2018

Marketing automation can save a lot of time and effort on your competitive marketing journey. You can simply imagine the effort it takes if you need to continuously inform/update information about your campaigns.

It doesn’t make any sense if you couldn’t optimize your campaigns according to needed attributes of your customers.

Now, Keptify has come up with an efficient solution to automate your marketing tasks. We have built a system where you can instantly schedule a task (campaign) for automatic completion/pause/stop in the future. Thus, it makes your work much easier. Furthermore, there are multiple other options that are very much useful to remarket your product.

The activities that you can choose to perform are:

Time setup to run the campaign: You can easily set up the time frame for your campaign – when to resume and when to stop. There is no need of your busy time to care about it regularly and also the campaign will automatically stop after the indicated time frame has come to an end.

Filters for a new campaign: You get to filter your campaign on the basis of two relevant criterion. The first is on the basis of “ All visitors who abandoned in the past” and the other is on the basis of “Customers who purchased more than (defined time) ago”. If you want to target all the visitors who abandoned this month, simply put “1” (indicating 1 month) on the first option.

Plus if you want to target all customers who purchased certain time ago, you can do it with the second option. This means you can easily target the customers who purchased 1 month ago by simply listing 1 in the second option.

Selection of customers on the basis of their country: Keptify helps you to target your customers according to their country. If you want to run your campaign for the USA, simply select the USA from the list. Or if you want to run your campaign for China, simply select “China” from the list.

Platform basis target: You get to target your customers on the basis of the platform they use. i.e You can easily personalize campaigns to target potential customers who use “Desktop” or “Mobiles” as their device of choice. Thus it’s highly specific.

Also, you can choose to target both the devices if you want. So no worries on that part. Want to know more? Connect with us to find out more about how marketing automation can help you with your online marketing business. 

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