Loyalty Program Tricks – 4 Easy Ways to Solve Cart Abandonment Problem

Last updated on April 22, 2020

How long have you been chasing your abandoned customers?

Are your retargeting ads, newsletters and email campaigns paying off the investment? Probably not, right?

Cart abandonment problem has been a major concern for any e-commerce sites these days. A study by the Baynard Institute claims that carts are abandoned at a rate of 68.63% every year.

That’s a staggering number of missed sales!

Visitors tend to leave their purchase at checkout process for a number of unexpected policies and pricing reason. And how can we deal with this problem?

The answer is simple and it’s loyalty program. The loyalty program will help you reduce your big chunk of that cart abandonment number. In this article, I have explained 4 simple steps of loyalty program that will help you stop your customers from leaving their shopping carts unattended.

1. First, you need maximum genuine leads directing toward your website

genuine leads towards your website

Use your money on the best and qualified Facebook ads and Adwords campaign. This way you will be able to generate more genuine leads but don’t forget to take the help of customers referral. Nothing can beat the power and influence of a friend’s honest referral.

According to the research, 71% of the people are more likely to purchase based on social media referrals.

With a better loyalty program, you will be able to motivate current customers to refer new customers to your online store. There are various ways that you can use your loyalty programs, such as:

Unique customer referral reward: Customers will earn a reward in their very first purchase. Say, 15% OFF their order.

Advocate reward: Customer who refers their friends to your store and makes them purchase will get the reward.

2. Convince your browsers with customers loyalty reviews

loyalty reviews

Most of the visitors abandon their shopping carts because they are just browsing the product and looking for the best possible options. This means that the reason for not buying from your website is not the lack of intention but they are actually looking for the market to buy the best product along with the trust factor.

If the products in your online store have a better product rating then you can actually convince those occasional browsers to make the purchase. This is where your loyalty program can help you collect those reviews for your product.

More reviews and trust means more visitors more likely to buy from your online store. In other words, better loyalty programs mean better product reviews.

3. Unexpected Rewards and Benefits for the Unexpected Costs

rewards and benefits for unexpected costs

Visitors spend a really long time searching for the product they really want to buy. Finally, they find what they are looking for a reasonable price then they go for the checkout and suddenly they get surprised by the high shipping cost, tax and other additional costs. Not only they quit the process but also do not revisit next time.

You can tackle this situation with the help of a well-organized loyalty program.

Free Shipping based on loyalty points: Showcasing visitors that how many loyalty points will get them free shipping for their purchase.

Free Shipping as a loyalty program: Let discuss this with the help of Amazon’s loyalty program. For $99 annual Amazon Prime program, loyalty members can have the free two-day shipping whenever they want within a year.

For this purpose, you can take the help of various banner, exit-intent pop-ups, advertisements or anything that catches the eye of your customers.

4. Showcase your Membership Benefits at the time of Registration

membership benefits at the time of registration

Sharing personal information at the time of checkout is very much troublesome. Due to this sole reason only, many visitors abandon their checkout. To deal with this issue, they go with the guest checkout. By doing this, customers easily throw away many benefits that they can get from the registration process such as order tracking, products recommendation, feedback and many more.

Registration issue can be solved easily with the help of your loyalty program. Just do not forget to let your visitors know about your program.

When people are engaging in your loyalty program, it automatically requires a registration for the purpose of point accumulation and to redeem it. It pretty straightforward, right? This way they won’t miss out on those membership benefits.

Wrapping it up…

It is very important to make sure that your visitors are informed about the benefits of your loyalty program in every possible dimension.

You don’t need to offer them the best price in the market because they will show you their loyalty by the appreciation they received from you. This may cost you a little more but customers who keep coming back will definitely help you to recover those costs.

I hope this article helped you learn how to reduce your cart abandonment problem. To get more information on cart abandonment solution and customer loyalty, get a free consultation from one of our experts.

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