Here’s your lead nurturing email checklist

Last updated on March 19, 2018

 Whether your company is reaching out to new clients or running with a B2B marketing (‘e-biz’) initiative, an email automation system can be invaluable in creating and nurturing leads for your business. But proceed with caution: while the benefits of a great email automation service can be significant, sending out bad, unprofessional communications can tarnish your business’s reputation and kill off any promising leads you might’ve been able to generate.

In this article, we’ll dissect the key ingredients of a great email automation, and point out some ‘sour notes’ that your company should avoid playing when building out an automated email strategy. 

The Checklist

Herewith, a detailed checklist of things you should look to include in your automated email service. Not all of these might apply to your specific business, but there are enough general principles here to help you craft a solid, lead-nurturing follow-up email service for your business. We’ll start with the basics, then move onto some more nuanced points.

a detailed checklist of things you should look to include in your automated email service

CAN-SPAM compliance.

This is a legal requirement for commercial emails, allowing the recipient the right to stop receiving messages should they wish to. By including an ‘unsubscribe’ link, you can save yourself fines of up to $16,000 per violation and a reputation as a spam brand. Avoid being branded as a usual suspect when it comes to intrusive, spammy emails.

Add a personal touch.

As far as possible, try to craft your automated email in such a way that it feels like it’s personally crafted for each recipient. As well as a clear, engaging subject-line, including a field that displays the receiver’s information (name, email address, organization or company) is an easy way to indicate that you are trying to reach out to that specific reader. Note: don’t overdo the personal approach by taking liberties with your readership. Strike that balance between friendly and professional and you’ll impress more people than you offend.

Clear, integrated design.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the visual design of your automated emails. Cluttered text, misaligned or poor quality graphics, broken links – these blemishes will result in your email being closed before a single word of it is taken in. Also, treat each email as a unique message that fits into a larger story. Make sure design elements help tell the story you’re trying to tell and captivate your readers in the process.

Call-To-Action (CTA)

Every email must include a call-to-action (CTA) of some kind: something the receiver can do to solidify or develop their interest in your company. This article by Hubspot illustrates some successful examples of CTAs in action and argues that only including a single CTA – as opposed to the option of 2, 3 or 4 different ones – increases clicks by 371% and sales by as much as 5 times that percentage.

Segmented (‘walled’) content

By including a sidebar in your automated email that teases subscriber-only content (articles, reports, videos, etc.), you give recipients an incentive to get more deeply involved in your company’s communications. Keep your walled content updated and enticing to give non-subscribers no option but to hit the sign up” CTA button.

Be innovative

Remember that your leads are definitely being courted by other businesses, sending their own follow-ups, offers, invitations and what not. You need to make sure that your messaging stands out from the crowd and makes a unique and lasting impression. Here are some examples of companies doing this successfully, while this study by Tubular Insights states that 96% of B2B marketing campaigns are making use of video in some form or another, with 73% of them reporting positive ROIs.

Be genuinely helpful

This might seem like a naive point, but the returns on providing high-quality content are 100% concrete. In the simplest possible terms: people like to read good, interesting, stuff – content that, they feel, benefits them in some way or another. By providing your lead with exclusive and helpful content, information that they can’t get anywhere else, they will look forward to your emails appearing in their inbox.  

Don’t navel-gaze

Related to the above point, remember that internal company news (such as the appointment of a new President or CEO) is always going to be more interesting to your company than anyone else. Don’t lead with this kind of news in your automated emails: give the reader something that they can be interested in.

Event follow-up

Remember that if you are communicating with a company event that has recently taken place, you are really trying to reach out to the ones who couldn’t attend it. Include a video or audio recaps of key points, as well as a summary of the event’s aims and accomplishments.

Trigger your responses

In a recent blog, we discussed the importance of automation as a way to reach customers more effectively and contextually. According to a study by Epsilon, if you can trigger your automated emails to react to a client’s behavior (their downloaded content, for example), this can lead to a 67% spike in emails being opened, and a 243% higher click rate when opened.

Make ‘getting the email’ fun again

Junk mail, unfortunately, has managed to follow us from the days of the mailbox to today’s era of the email inbox. Our customers are inundated with heaps of marketing clutter, sending them to the unsubscribe button in droves. Email automation marketing can be a powerful way for e-commerce companies to engage and convert leads and existing customers. Follow the checklist above and you’ll be sure to navigate your way to a higher converting email nurturing strategy.

Make getting the mail fun again

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