Keptify vs Yieldify vs VE Interactive – Which works best for YOU?

Last updated on June 11, 2020

There are limitless choices – whether you’re going to a restaurant or simply shopping for a cereal. Having to choose one that you won’t regret later is certainly not a simple task.

Unlike restaurants, choosing a cart abandonment solution that best serves your eCommerce site is a high-value decision.

We decided to help you on this with a simplified guide to why Keptify is the one-stop solution for everything that includes the terms ‘cart’ and ‘abandonment’!

Keptify vs VE vs Yieldify comparion table 

Before comparing the technical aspects of these solutions, let’s look at why Keptify is in a league of its own:

Personal Cart Abandonment Solution Team for Each Client

Keptify believes there is no one-size-fits-all solution for cart abandonment. Providing the same templates to every client without taking their needs into consideration is simply ineffective in the dynamic world of eCommerce.

Every business is unique in terms of the nature of its products and customer base which makes it even more important to provide a customized service tailored to your business’ requirements.

From the day a customer signs up for Keptify, they’re provided with an expert team composed of:

  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Conversion Specialist
  • Account Manager
  • Support Team

If our customers have any issue or need advice regarding anything related to our expertise, they can sit back and let our pros handle it, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

Now that you know what makes Keptify different from its counterparts, let’s get into the features that are exclusively provided by Keptify:

No Contract Restrictions

No contract restrictions

There are a number of organizations that lure customers into working with them without clearly stating the details of the contract beforehand.

Keptify does NOT bind its customers to any contracts. We let our service be the only thing that ties us to our customers. If they’re satisfied with the results, they choose to continue. The moment they think our cart abandonment solution isn’t reaping any benefits (nearly impossible), they get to leave.

No strings attached!

Facebook & Adroll Retargeting

Facebook & Adroll Retargeting

Keptify is one of the first cart abandonment solutions that introduced Facebook and Adroll Retargeting integration into customer recovery campaign.

Facebook is the biggest social network with over 2 billion monthly active users. You will be missing out on a large number of customers if you skip this market like most cart abandonment solutions do.

Google UTM Tag Flexibility

Google UTM Flexibility

Google UTM is a must-have tool for every eCommerce site.

UTM offers the ability to track your campaign source (ex. Google), medium (ex. CPC) and campaign term (ex. Eyeshadow).

A majority of cart abandonment solutions do not allow you to feed your site’s data to Google Analytics.

With Keptify, you can seamlessly integrate Google UTM to your content and analyze which of your marketing efforts are worth continuing and the ones that need improvements.

 Customized Campaigns

Customized Campaigns

There is no universal campaign that is applicable to every eCommerce site taking the numerous variables of cart abandonment into consideration. This is why Keptify provides all of its clients with the freedom to customize everything from automated marketing tools to cart analytics functionalities.

Keptify uses profiling technology that helps you understand your audience and leverage budget towards the campaigns with the best ROI (Return on Investment).



A common problem that clients face while working with big organizations is the lack of transparency. There is a rigid structure of command that leaves them with almost no authority other than accepting the decisions made by the service provider.

In Keptify, we believe that customers have the right to be a part of our service inside-out. Since our clients work with an entire team of our organization, they have complete access and authority to everything under the hood.

Clear upfront pricing


One of the major problems with other cart abandonment solutions is that they do not provide a clear pricing structure on their website. As an e-commerce website comparing different solutions for the best cost-benefit ratio, you are not going to find the answer just by looking at their website.

You have to contact them through their tedious process, then they analyze whether they can make money from you, and depending on the answer, they are going to reply to you.

The pricing is only determined after you decide to use their service.

With Keptify, there is no such tactic, you can easily compare the value we’re going to provide and the related cost to you. You can easily find out the cost of the recoveries we make for you on our pricing page.

Free Trial

Free Trial

Almost every cart abandonment solution provides free trials but what makes Keptify stand out from the rest is that our free trial includes ALL of the features of a full version. What’s the point of using a free trial when you’re restricted to use all of its features and see first-hand what you’re getting into?

Yieldify, on the other hand only provides free customer journey optimisation consultation.

So why wait? Try our full-feature packed free trial and see for yourself why Keptify is the number one cart abandonment solution to date!

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