Keptify launches SMS remarketing – Your online store’s cart abandonment savior

Last updated on January 30, 2019

Keptify successfully launches SMS remarketing in its portfolio to save un-attended abandoned baskets. It works in the same concept of cart abandonment email to notify shoppers about their abandoned basket.

In 2018, most of the internet users are on mobile rather than desktop and, 90% of Text Messages Are Read Within 3 Minutes. Some more interesting facts are,

With these number, SMS is definitely an important and powerful channel of marketing to get to your shoppers and encourage them to rescue their cart with appropriate contents.

How does SMS remarketing work?

how does SMS remarketing work

You may be thinking, how SMS remarketing is going to work and how are we going to target visitors on their mobile?

Well, it is as simple as email remarketing, we will use the visitor’s detail from site’s contact page and when they leave without any purchase then we will send a short and appropriate message through SMS to encourage them to return back and make the final purchase.

Talking about the content of SMS, it will not be long as email. A short message displaying abandoned product information and a URL which will take them back to the site or their shopping cart page.

SMS remarketing can also be used for post-marketing service to seek the attention of shoppers and for retention.

Here is a quick view for you,

sms remarketing example

Why does your online store need SMS remarketing?

The reason behind the importance of SMS is the growing use of mobile. Wherever people go, they have mobile on their hands, so would it be wise to ignore this much influencing device from your marketing and promotional campaigns? For your information, 75% of the people take their mobiles with them in the bathroom.

So here are the quick benefits you will get from SMS remarketing for your business,


With mobile, all product details are in the pocket of shoppers.

A quick check of prices on a laptop during lunch hour, or reading reviews on mobile during the commute. No-one shops on just one device anymore.

SMS Remarketing sends your customer back to the transaction they left behind, no matter what device they abandoned on.

Immediate Engagement

You will get the quickest and easiest opportunity to follow-up with your shopper’s interest within minutes.

From social media to selfies, mobile phones are at our fingertips almost every minute of every day.

So we will use SMS Remarketing to tap into this behavior and send reminders of what your shoppers have abandoned, only minutes after they’ve left your site.

Flexible Campaigns

Boost your conversion rate with segmentation and send super-relevant campaigns.

Today, everyone in the business is focusing on mobile optimization to perfectly boost their ROI.

Therefore, SMS is an effective and quickest way to interact with your potential customers. Statistics also proved that people are more likely to open and interact with SMS than emails.

Here is an interest statistics from, which shows how crucial mobile is for your online business.

web traffic by device

Wrapping it up…

With Keptify’s SMS remarketing, now you can easily connect with your visitor and remind them of what they are missing out. In other words, an easy way to convert your shoppers into paying ones.

Although the messaging text is less interactive and intuitive in compared to emails, people are more happy to receive it. Responding to your text message is totally up to your shoppers but it’s more converting and appealing than most of your promotional emails.

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