Keptify Affiliate Program: Earn lifetime recurring revenue

Last updated on September 10, 2018

Imagine waking up in the morning, opening your laptop and looking at your account with something like this:

Revenue details of your Keptify affiliate account

That’s what you want, right? Making money while you stay passive. This dream of yours may turn into reality with the help of Keptify Affiliate Program.

The main idea behind this affiliate program is to promote Keptify to your known networks and earn the commission if people/e-commerce websites actually end up buying the solution – which is thanks to your marketing efforts.

Keptify affiliate program is based on revenue sharing. Whenever you become successful to refer a customer to Keptify, you will be getting certain commission percentage(depends on the negotiation between us) from the amount Keptify able to recover from that particular client. To clear out your confusion, let’s dive into the detail how Keptify Affiliate Program actually works.

How Keptify Affiliate Program Works?

How Keptify Affiliate Program works?

One affiliate account to your countless opportunities.

Start Earning

The PERKS of our program

To help you understand the real perks of our affiliate program, we’ve created a list  and explained it in really simple words below:

Free and Easy

Joining Keptify Affiliate program doesn’t cost you a cent and the process is as easy as you can imagine. All you need to do is fill our Affiliate Program details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

There is no any restriction for Keptify users to become an affiliate.

You sell – We support

All you need to do is convince your audience to work with Keptify with your own marketing efforts. Once the client agrees to work with Keptify your hard work stops right there and we will take care of further working procedure.

Working procedure includes all of the client’s campaign setup and maintenance to your monthly payments.

Remember, each and every support related to the customer will be handled by our team.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Each affiliate who joins our program will be assigned with their own dedicated affiliate expert. Our affiliate expert is more than happy to assist you with any analytical and creative skills required for your program.

Affiliate Manager will update you with all the details of client and takes care of your payment as well.

Transparent Reports

You will have complete access to all analytic details in your personal Keptify account. There, you can view and track all the transaction details, your referred client details, and your sales revenue. All the analytics are updated with the real-time scenario.

Lifetime Recurring Revenue

Each time you convince your audience to register and work with Keptify, we will bring you 30% or more commissions(as discussed) of the paid price.

Keptify will pay you commissions on every sale you make over your lifetime.

Simple Payout Process

For your payments, simply choose your easiest payout methods. Your valid commission payments will be made at the end of every month.

Bottom Line…

The Keptify affiliate program helps you and your clients win and grow in the best possible way.

There’s nothing to stop you from creating your own successful affiliate account as long as you are prepared to put the work in.

Therefore, if you are willing to work hard and earn commission worth thousands of dollars, join us today!

Become a Keptify Affiliate and start making money.

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