Why eCommerce Sites Need Cart Abandonment Solution

Last updated on February 23, 2018

All of us are well aware of why customers shop online and what they’re looking for in an online store.

But why do eCommerce Sites need a cart abandonment solution?

To answer this question, let’s understand what a cart abandonment solution really offers.

In general terms, a cart abandonment solution allows you recover the visitors who abandon their shopping carts. However, its importance to eCommerce portals is not limited to just converting site visitors.

With the help of a cart abandonment solution like Keptify, you’ll be able to reap rewards for your business that you might not have thought possible.

Increased Sales

Increased Sales

Perhaps the most obvious use of a cart abandonment solution is to persuade the visitors who almost bought from your site to come back and complete their purchase. Cart abandonment rates went up by 75% globally as of 2017. Imagine the revenue that can be generated if you managed to even recover half of those abandonments!

Retain Customers

Customer Retention

Constantly engaging with your customers is a great way to retain their loyalty to your brand. A cart abandonment solution allows you to send personalized emails and feedback forms that make your customers feel that they’re more catered to.



Let’s assume a sunglass enthusiast purchased three different Ray-Bans from your site. The next time you introduce a new variant, there’s a high probability of the same customer buying the newly introduced product. Keptify’s technology helps you to re-target your previous customers and ultimately sell new products to your existing clientele while also helping you to gain new ones.

Brand Awareness/ Brand Reputation

Brand Awareness

A research found that 65% of global customers shop in multiple sites to compare prices. Chances are a majority of your site visitors don’t even remember the site they purchased from. Using a cart abandonment solution, you can retain the customers who abandoned their carts from your site before checking out. This helps to create a brand reputation among your site visitors since you leave a lasting impression with a personalized approach to customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship

Keptify helps you to re-engage with your customers regardless of purchase completion. By interacting with them long after they’ve used your service helps you to build a relationship that cultivates trust. As a result, loyal customers are more likely to come back to your site to shop frequently.

In conclusion, cart abandonment solutions are not limited to increasing sales revenue but to make your brand stand out from competitions. In a world full of automated calls and emails that lack substance, Keptify helps you to cultivate a trust and long-term fruitful relationship with your customers.

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