How to Boost ROI with Cart Abandonment Emails

Last updated on April 14, 2020

The cart abandonment rates are massive at an average of 67.4%. But this does not mean those sales are lost forever. Cart abandonment emails can be the smartest way to recover those lost sales.

Many of you may think shopping cart abandonment as a problem but that is not the case. Actually, Cart abandonment is not a problem. It is an opportunity where you can use cart abandonment emails to get your shoppers back. Cart abandonment emails not only help you to re-engage your customers back but also helps to boost your ROI.

According to Hybris, with the help of cart abandonment recovery emails, an average of 20.8% of the customers return to rescue their abandoned carts.

Who will receive your email?

Cart abandonment emails are intended to send to the customers who have left items in their basket and did not make the final purchase. In order to remind them about their basket through email, you need to have their email address in the first place. The most important part of data for contacting the cart abandoners.

Strategically, the stage at which you ask for an email address of your customer makes a big difference. Let get this clear with the help of exit-intent pop-up, encouraging shoppers to enter their email address at the time leaving.

increase roi with emails

Once the customers enter their email address in pop-ups, you can re-engage your customers even if they abandon their carts. The sooner you capture their email, the more abandoned cart you will be able to recover.

Cart Abandonment Emails

You need to make sure that the content you put in your email is up to the point and hold the relevant information. You need to make it short, simple, sweet and straight to the point. For example, you can place your subject line as ‘You have left something in your cart’.

But, don’t forget to put the image of the items. It is a good way of reminding customers what they are missing out on and also gives them an extra push to go back to your site and make the final purchase.

Along with the images, adding “Back to the cart” or ‘Complete order’ button will direct your customers back to the shopping cart where they left. Taking them back to the point where they left may make them even more tempted to make the further purchases. But don’t forget to provide extra information as to what makes your product and brand so special that gives the shoppers extra boost.  

cart abandonment emails

Besides the content, you can even offer to help your customers with any questions they might have regarding their order by providing a Q&A section within the email.

At Keptify we’ve seen email remarketing produce top results for the clients. From 60% open rates in the car rental industry, to 30% conversion rates for overall clients.

So, there is no reason your online business won’t be able to see this kind of results. In other words, cart abandonment emails will be the key ingredient to boosting your online ROI.

We have discussed the cart abandonment email contents and their elegance, the next step is to figure out how you should use them for cart recovery.

Let’s get this started with some of the best practice below.

Cart Abandonment Email Top Tips

Time to perfection

According to GetElastic, retailers who sent their cart abandonment emails within 20 minutes saw an increase in conversions of 5.2%. And those who waited for a day or more than that saw an increase of half of that rate (i.e. 2.6%).

The sooner you remind your customers, the better the result is.

But, don’t take this for granted, you must be careful regarding what works best for your brand. Early email for abandonment generally works for fresh customers. Thus, for the huge amount or expensive products they will probably need longer to consider making a purchase.

Push your customers to think twice about whether or not they want to give up on your products.

Send multiple emails

The visitors who abandon their baskets are warm leads, so don’t forget to treat them accordingly.

Sending multiple emails to re-engage your customers has shown to uplift the revenue by 54%.

A series of drip emails is always a good strategy to nurture your visitors and push them down to your sales funnel.

You should always keep certain things in your mind such as don’t offer incentives until the last email. Some retailers have found it only delays the chances of conversion. But, it’s worth testing whether incentives offer makes any impact on your conversion rates or not. There’s no point sacrificing our profit margins if it doesn’t make any positive difference to your revenue.

Sense-Check your subject line

Almost all the time your email open rate depends upon the subject line you choose to re-engage your customers.

Sometimes acting clever on your email subject line may make your email as spam and not up to the point for customers. So, unwanted ‘clever’ subject lines aren’t really needed here.

Just make it interesting and catchy along with the email content whether you’re sending a reminder or offering an incentive.

Be simple and genuine in your email subject line.

Make it mobile friendly

Rather than desktops or laptops, most of your emails are opened on a mobile device.

mobile optimization

As per the above information, one thing is sure that, always make sure your email is optimized for mobile. Otherwise, your cart abandonment emails will not be able to convert your visitors.


Therefore, don’t waste all of your time in optimizing your on-site experience. Your cart abandonment email can be much more effective to increase your conversions than you can imagine.

Give your customers a good reason to come back and rescue their basket, while making it as easy as possible for them to do so.

With the effective cart abandonment email, you can boost your online ROI and smash your revenue targets.

Want to know more? Connect with us to know how cart abandonment emails can be beneficial for your online business experience.

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