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Last updated on February 8, 2018

In business, there is a ton of services you would be attracted to. These services may simply range from popular services such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords to modern and trendy re-marketing services. Some have already proved themselves in the market and some are still on the way to prove themselves to be a useful tool for your business.

But besides these things what we can say is; these services will continue to become an integral part of our business. And not only one, you may have to implement several of these services simultaneously.

While explaining this we want to drive your attention towards a fact that still, many businesses find it difficult to implement these services. And the reason as simple as “these services need you to manually implement their code snippet on your site.”

This means that to run these services on your site, first you have to place a code (that they provide) on your site manually.  And depending upon the volume of your business, you may have to implement several of these Code Snippets all at once.

This is a technical and cumbersome job in itself and also can prove costly since you may have to hire a developer to implement them. And now is when you can come up with an important question, How can you handle them by yourself to save your effort and money (i.e How can you optimize your business in such situation) ?  

The answer is very simple! You can do it through Google Tag Manager – A tag management system designed by Google that lets you handle all the code snippets which you have to install manually on your site from a single and a different platform. You don’t even need to place these snippets on your site except for the Google tag manager snippets. Just you can define the condition when these code snippets will be triggered (will be active) to your site and the rest is done by the system. You can do it for any particular site of your choice.

But how can we run the Google Tag Manager?

It is very simple to handle this system but you must understand these three important concepts first:

What is a Tag?

A tag is a snippet of code that sends information to a third party, such as Google and others. Without tag manager, you have to include these snippets of code directly to files on your mobile app or website. But with Tag Manager, there is no need for it instead, you can decide the tags that you want to fire plus the time when you want them to fire, from within the Tag Manager user interface.

After being fired, the code becomes active and sends the desired information to the service provider (whose code snippets you are firing).

What are Triggers?

Triggers are the functions that get attached to a tag to govern when the tag is to be fired or not fired.

A tag must specify at least one trigger in order to fire. If the trigger conditions are met, it is fired. If not, it will not get fired! For eg, if you select trigger “all pages”, it will fire tag whenever any page of your site gets loaded. Thus, they provide you with higher flexibility on your task.

What are Variables?

Variables are pairs of name and value (name-value). The “value” is defined during runtime. These functions are defined for data whose value changes time and again. For eg, if the price of your product keeps on changing, you can declare a variable for it to track its price during runtime.

Variables can be used in both triggers as well as in tags as per your choice.

google tag manager


Before firing your tag, you must clearly define the triggers and variables. Rest is done by the system itself. Now you don’t have to wait months to update the site codes. With Google Tag Manager, you can launch new tags any time just with a few clicks. Thus you will never miss a measurement or marketing opportunity you can get.

Now that you know about the Google Tag Manager, you can easily grab the re-marketing opportunity we provide with Keptify using  Google Tag Manager too. Including Keptify tags on your Google Tag manager will have the same remarketing effects and your monitoring and marketing tasks will be easier, efficient and effective. 

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