Exit-Intent Technology to Boost eCommerce Conversion

Last updated on January 2, 2017

Exit-Intent technology allows you to convert an abandoning visitor into subscribers and customers. This means with the help of exit-intent technology you can increase your eCommerce conversion rate.  Even it is possible to combine exit-intent technology with your popups or full-width welcome screens to grab more attention and convert your visitors into subscribers or customers.

To talk more about exit-intent technology it actually, uses javascript code to track website visitors behavior and movement of your visitor on your website. So when visitors tries to leave your website without performing any action or purchase the exit-intent layover will be automatically triggered.

Exit-intent technology is becoming more popular these days because Google and Bing are against those practical advertising practices that doesn’t add value to user experience. According to Conversific.com, 30% of the Top 1000 US e-commerce sites uses popups – 22% are using entry popups, 14% are using exit popups, 6% are using both!

Let’s talk about how exit-intent technology can improve your e-commerce site conversion rates. We’ll be discussing four major points that can help you increase your conversion rate.

1. Second Chance to Convert

For the first time, you will try to convert a visitor into your customer through your website content, sign up form and sales funnel. But assume that unfortunately, you failed at that point. Now with the help of exit-intent technology you are getting second chance to convert visitors into customers. When the exit-intent popup engages, it actually means that your visitors are trying to leave your website.

“Yes”, exit-intent technology is really smart technology to increase your conversion rates but here you have to optimize your exit-intent popup design, contents, and CTAs. So that it can have more potential to convert your visitors into customers.

2. Generate Subscribers List

Email marketing is a proven methodology with which to advance your business. Email advertising helps you draw in new clients and keep up cozy associations with existing steadfast clients. There’s a not insignificant rundown of email showcasing administrations accessible and the greater part of them work at moderately low costs. To make the best use of email marketing you need to have an email list or subscribers list for that exit-intent popup can help you generate more. Just implement amazing subscription offer and grab your visitors attention. After that, you need to implement email remarketing process.

subscription box

3. Recover an Abandoned Cart

Shopping cart abandonment – when customers place things in their internet shopping baskets, yet then leave before finishing the buy — is the worst thing about the online retail industry. Customers come to shop things online and they add items to their cart but don’t complete checkout on your site. Simply implement exit-intent popup with an amazing cart complete offer and your customers will definitely complete their purchase. Just remind them about the products that they have placed in their shopping cart before leaving your website.

4. Recommend Your other Products

One of the best thing that you can do with your exit-intent popup is that you can place recommended product and place it. When a visitor tries to leave your website without converting, you will have another chance to impress that visitor. Exit-intent technology gives you a great opportunity to redirect these visitors to additional products or features product list. But the main thing that you have to keep in mind is to optimize your content and CTAs.

These four are the main reasons to use exit-intent technology on your e-commerce site. We’ve already explained it how it can help you increase your conversion rate even more. For the further guide, you can directly contact us through email’s as well as call.

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