How Email Remarketing Can Help you Reduce your Cart Abandonment Rate

Last updated on March 2, 2018

Email remarketing is one of the best practice of sending an email to the targeted visitors. It is completely based on the visitor’s behavior and also requires the behavioral data of visitors to perform a certain action with them in terms of remarketing.

Generally,  a customer will sign up for an account and go for purchasing process but at the middle of the purchase, they abandon their purchasing process.

For a merchant the most important thing that is to know why do shoppers abandon their cart? In order to get visitors who initiated an order to come back to your website and complete the order. , you need to engage with the help of email remarketing.

The main idea behind email remarketing is that it aims to re-engage and re-attract website visitors and customers. It also interacts with those who have already abandoned their purchases and who leaves without performing an action. So most of the time remarketing can be in the form of advertisement or targeted email newsletter. Email remarketing is the only way to increase immediate ROI and Conversion rate.

We’ve found certain strong points that customers are abandoning their purchase because of following reasons;

7 Reason Customers are Abandoning their Purchase

  1. The Price of the Product is too High.
  2. You are not Offering any Free Services.
  3. No Discounts Offers.
  4. Customers are Not Ready to Purchase the Product.
  5. No Free Shipping, Even Shipping Costs are Too High.
  6. Customers are Compromising (Not Now, Saved for Next Time).
  7. Price Comparison of the Product can cause Abandonment. 

For the first time, every customer wants to view the product and then they will compare the needed product price with another online shopping site. If you are charging higher price then you will definitely loose that customer. Wherever they found feasible they will  go with that online shopping site.

If you have an eCommerce website with higher abandonment rate and lower conversion rate then you must have to go through above seven strong points and try to resolve them as soon as possible to reduce your cart abandonment rate.

And Finally, now you have to retarget your customers with the help of email remarketing. It is one of the profitable way to retarget your customers. This will help you engage your customers and trigger them about their abandoned products and they will finally visit your site to complete the purchase.

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