How Keptify Connects the Dots to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Last updated on August 25, 2017

Grabbing a lead’s attention is tough, holding it is even tougher. E commerce business owners are competing and coming up with new ideas to reduce cart abandonment problems. In a tough market space and the internet is a fair game for anyone with a product and a Shopify account. As you compete with other e commerce companies from across the globe, the noise that’s out there can drown out even the best company with the best product.

And that’s what makes really grabbing your leads’ attention so important. At Keptify, we help you do that.

We know e commerce isn’t that easy. We’re an e commerce company ourselves and we know it can be tough. But we also know that the internet is the new marketplace where the world converges to barter and buy. That’s why built Keptify; to give e commerce business owners a lead conversion tool that makes the art of captivating your leads simple.

We don’t do voodoo. We simply help you connect to people.

Don’t get us wrong. Voodoo is cool. But we’re more interested in what makes people tick and how to connect them with brands in meaningful ways. How? With a healthy dollop of technology and a keen sense of what makes the modern, digital customer tick. We’re in the business of helping e commerce companies turn higher profits by capitalizing on their leads’ interaction with their websites with smart technology that simply works.

Here’s how we do it….

Powerful Cart Analyzer

Understanding the causalities of cart abandonment allows you to get an insight into what caused customer X to abandon a $200.00 sale – ouch! We give you the data you need to plug holes in your check out strategy with insights into who your customers are, where they fell off and how you can remove friction from this crucial stage of the customer experience.

Too many form fields? Price ambiguity? Website response too slow? We help you find the answers to what makes a well-oiled check out process tick so you can convert leads into sales. You can collate cart information to analyze trends, identify loopholes and segment customers according to a host of data.

Contextual On-Site Messaging

Keptify gives you the tools to say the perfect “goodbye”. Smart layovers pick up on a lead’s intent to leave your website and provide them relevant product information, special offers or other content to further engage them. This is a great way to capture an otherwise lost conversion and to keep audiences interacting with your website/products along with reducing cart abandonement problem.

What makes them so useful is that exit-intent layovers allow you to narrow a wide product range down to a very specific number of items that your lead may be looking for, but hasn’t come across. We also let you apply different layover slides to different areas of your website. You can also test layovers based on a number of lead insights, such as device, location, referral and other combinations of data.

A Comprehensive Email Marketing Solution

With support for all the big names in email automation technology, Keptify simply plugs in and kicks your email marketing into action. Showcase your newest products to a selected list of customers or send reminders to leads who just abandoned their purchases.

Our email automation solutions send uniquely personalized, non-generic messaging to your customers so as to keep their engagement with your online store fresh and value-based. These emails encourage the customers to return back and recover their abandoned carts. No pushy sales content. Just simple and effective lead conversion strategies that work.

Facebook Adroll Remarketing

Craft targeted Facebook Adroll campaigns and reach audiences who have interacted with your brand before. Take the conversation to them with messaging based on customer insights gleaned from our powerful analytics platform. Kick your conversion rates up a notch by staying top of mind and relevant to your target audience.

A Complete View of Your Business

Use smart visualization technology to take the technicalities out of understanding your business data. Correlate key customer, website and check out data to identify areas of improvement and how to elevate the overall customer experience to reduce cart abandonment. Test new marketing assets before releasing them onto your website and use strategic e commerce marketing to boost your conversions.

See? No voodoo. Just great technology and people who know e commerce

Our customers are a testament to Keptify’s effectiveness as an e commerce conversion optimisation solution that simply works. We bolster a great product with world-class support to ensure our customers hit the ground running and start seeing those leads convert to bigger numbers. We’re here to help you and your business succeed by bringing you closer to your customers and fill the gap between your customers and cart abandonment. We’d love to help you today. Contact us.

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