How to Convert Bouncing Traffic with Exit Intent Popups

Last updated on March 25, 2020

In this competitive market, everyone is trying their best to convert a high percentage of traffic to their website. The case is more popular at the time of bounce traffic, cart abandonment and abandoning visitors. The core reason why you should use exit-intent technology for engaging un-interested visitors.

With almost 98% of websites seeing its traffic bounced, there aren’t many choices except using an exit-intent popup.

When your visitor tries to leave your site, you must and always grab their attention by triggering the right pop-ups at the right time.  This is a time where your strategy will show an incredible effect of using the exit-intent technique.

The exit-intent pop-up triggers immediately when the visitors move their mouse cursor out of the body of the page to the top address bar. On the pop-up, you can entice them with different offers or provide special content.

Now that we are on the same page in regards to the importance of exit-intent overlay for your bouncing traffic, let’s discuss some best practices while using exit intent pop-up and lead generation.

Know User’s behavior

Before implementing an exit-intent overlay on your site, first of all, identify your visitor’s needs and wants. How are they landing on your site? Are they just browsing or clicking randomly? These questions must be answered to make an impressive impact and increase high conversion rate.

By analyzing user’s behavior, you can easily present them with what catches their attention. Now, utilize these vital data to make your pop-up content, make it more engaging, appealing and desirable to customers which automatically converts high traffic rates.

For example, here’s an example of why you need analytics. One visitor leaves your site on a homepage and another on product page. Would it be appropriate to show the same pop-up to two visitors with different activities? The pop-ups content needs to be personalized according to their behavior. 

know user's behaviour

So, implementing multiple exit-intent popups for different pages can help you in your lead generation purpose as well. Because someone leaving your homepage needs different content than visitor leaving at your checkout page.

Bold Pop-up design

You will find most of the visitors saying “I hate pop-ups”, “the pop-ups drive me crazy” and other similar statements. These situation arises when the design of pop-up is just flat and boring. Making more focus on pop-ups only leads marketers to forget about the contents which hit the nail on the head.

Cutting it short, your pop-up needs to meet up with your site’s standard and its theme. When you stand awkwardly with your pop-up then it leads to dislike.

Bold, clean and appealing designs suiting your site will be effective because they stand out while grabbing their attention. Just don’t distract your visitors anymore.

Let’s get this clear with a solid exit-intent popup which is simple, branded and puts the focus on the clear call to action.

Bold Pop-up design

Another way can be making your pop-up content big. This is to ensure that your visitors at least read the content before they leave.

Actionable headlines

Most of the visitors click on the cross button without even seeing what is in the pop-up. In 2015, it was recorded that the average attention span is 8.25 seconds. Therefore in this short frame of time, you need to make serious efforts in content to grab attention. The less straightforward text you use turns out to get better results for you.

Since exit pop-ups will only be visible to visitors at the time of leaving, make your heading direct with attacking impression. The direct headlines we commonly see are “Wait, Don’t Go!’”, “Before you go….” and “Why leave when you can save?”

The bottom line here is we are skimmers, not the readers. So use the relevant keywords in your pop-up, highlight the offers that you are willing to give to your visitors.

Go for short, simple and understanding headlines.

actionable headlines

Enticing Offers

You have to offer some value to your visitors no matter what your business does. So what can be better than the exit-intent pop-up offering them completely new and compelling?

People usually do not pursue an action unless the action seems in their best interest. So make it worth and persuade them to enter their email address. Most common and simple incentive to entice customers are discounts, free shipping and a gated piece of content.

enciting offers

It’s not compulsion to include an incentive in your exit-intent pop-up but it definitely results in higher conversion rates. Don’t forget about capturing their emails, these are the email which you can solely use to run different campaigns and newsletter alerts.

Call to Action

Even if you are successful in creating a pop-up with great design and eye-catching contents, if the call to action button is not fitting and actionable, your hard work becomes idle and worthless. You need to choose a right call to action button matching your popup and portrays the information they wish to see. 

Let’s get a clear view of this through a pop-up which gets CTA right on the money.

call to action

The pop-up boldly says FREE. A FREE eBook to benefit their needs.

Lastly here are some of the tricks you can use to get the crucial elements right in your pop-up.

  • Make it clear.
  • Make an actionable headline
  • Use relevant keywords/buzzwords
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Make a clear call to action button
  • Make the successful content flow

Wrapping it up…

Now that you have the clear idea what needs to go in your onsite layover campaign. Now, is the time to get in the game and increase your conversion rates through optimization.

You may not get it on your first attempt. But using the good use of these conversion hacks with your exit-intent pop-ups and you can evaluate how effective they are.

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