Tips and Tricks to succeed your online small business in 2018

Small businesses are taking over the online world. It seems like everywhere you look on social media today there’s a new online small business advertising the next big thing. In this wild west of internet where things come and go at a rapid-fire pace, how can small businesses stand out? While there is a lot […]

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Keptify launches SMS remarketing – Your online store’s cart abandonment savior

Keptify successfully launches SMS remarketing in its portfolio to save un-attended abandoned baskets. It works in the same concept of cart abandonment email to notify shoppers about their abandoned basket. In 2018, most of the internet users are on mobile rather than desktop and, 90% of Text Messages Are Read Within 3 Minutes. Some more […]

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Best Email Marketing Trends for 2018

Ever since the inception of the internet in the marketplace, email marketing has remained a crucial and fundamental tool for marketers. Even though its role has remained vital, most emails that make it to our inbox is still unsolicited and irrelevant. We ignore most of them without any consideration as the outreach that we receive […]

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Great abandoned cart email tips to boost your sales by 30%

Cart abandonment. These words alone get eCommerce sites worried about questions such as : What are we doing wrong? Was the offer not good enough? Should we send multiple abandoned cart emails? Do we need to hike discount rates and coupons? Is something wrong with our Checkout button? According to the statistics from Statista, online […]

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How to Convert Bouncing Traffic with Exit Intent Popups

In this competitive market, everyone is trying their best to convert a high percentage of traffic to their website. The case is more popular at the time of bounce traffic, cart abandonment and abandoning visitors. The core reason why you should use exit-intent technology for engaging un-interested visitors. With almost 98% of websites seeing its […]

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