6 Reasons that can cause High Bounce Rate

You might have heard the term “bounce rate” which means the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page or leaving the site immediately without performing any sort of action. High bounce rate for any website is injurious and leads to low ranking. The below […]

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7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Nowadays for every business, a website plays a key role as the sales tool. Each and every information related to your business can be shared through the website. Traditional approaches like a brochure or business card do not have that much potential to provide all of the business and product information to the worldwide users […]

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Why Search Engine Marketing is Important?

Before discussing further this topic, first, you need to understand the complete meaning of search engine marketing. What is a search engine? Why marketing through a search engine? What benefit will business gain from this technique? and much more. Marketing is already a broad field in itself. With respect to this dynamic surroundings, competition has established […]

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How to Create Non Intrusive Mobile Banners?

Google has recently announced a new change in its plan for Mobile Users. According to this new plan, it will actively discourage intrusive pop-ups on mobile phones. The article published by Google has clearly mentioned about the things you should avoid while making your content accessible on mobile. Intrusive mobile banners, What do we mean […]

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