Why Mobile Marketing is so Important to Drive Customers Back to Your Online Store

As companies seek to move towards recurring revenue models where possible, those who operate outside of it must find more creative ways of building lasting relationships with their customers who may or may not come back to make another purchase. One way to do this is to use mobile marketing to drive single sale customers […]

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Why don’t we get upset by deceptive strategies like £99.99?

Before moving forward, we need to ask ourselves – are psychological pricing strategies really deceptive? because at the end we get to keep £0.01 instead of giving it away. Actually, it is not deceptive, but rather a very transparent form of manipulation that is universally accepted by most of us. But the main question is why do we […]

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How Important are Product Reviews?

Recent studies show that more and more customers are quickly losing their trust and interest in all forms of advertising these days. Why is that? Well, deceptive marketing activities and over promising promotions are the main reason behind this situation. They are turning eCommerce shoppers to look for product reviews before they purchase any products […]

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