Cart abandonment software – Ultimate weapon for eCommerce success

For any ecommerce store owners, cart abandonment is a headache that cannot be shaken off easily. The reason is simple and clear. Visitors are really close to converting into customers but for some reason, they don’t. When customers put items in their cart in which they are extremely interested but don’t complete the purchase or […]

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Best Email Marketing Trends for 2018

Ever since the inception of the internet in the marketplace, email marketing has remained a crucial and fundamental tool for marketers. Even though its role has remained vital, most emails that make it to our inbox is still unsolicited and irrelevant. We ignore most of them without any consideration as the outreach that we receive […]

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Here’s your lead nurturing email checklist

 Whether your company is reaching out to new clients or running with a B2B marketing (‘e-biz’) initiative, an email automation system can be invaluable in creating and nurturing leads for your business. But proceed with caution: while the benefits of a great email automation service can be significant, sending out bad, unprofessional communications can tarnish […]

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What The Rise Of Conversational Interfaces Means For E Commerce

E-commerce traders don’t need to be told that we ‘live in a changing world’ that is ‘increasingly full of digital possibilities’ – it’s the reason why they’re in business in the first place. However, sometimes the landscape changes faster than even the most forward-thinking business leader can anticipate – and it is not enough to […]

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