Best Cart Design Practices to reduce Cart Abandonment

What would happen if you tried filling the pot with water that has a large hole in the bottom? Would the water stay in the pot? No! That’s exactly how it would be if you decide to drive more revenue by acquiring more visitors through ads yet neglect the cart abandonment issue. One of the […]

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Creating a sense of urgency in Cart Abandonment Solution

Human beings are impulsive by nature. People might think that they are perfectly rational but once you know their triggers, they’ll show you their faults. Perfectly rational persons are as real as unicorns. Creating a sense of urgency is one of the common techniques used in the cart abandonment solution to making visitors convert into […]

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7 Best Ways To Boost the Value Of Your Content With Promotional Strategies

Content marketing is one of the key marketing strategies to boost the value of your brand and website. If you want your content to reach its potential readers and drive marketing goals than you need to be proactive with your content promotion. You may want to ignore the content that is never consumed, share or […]

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Loyalty Program Tricks – 4 Easy Ways to Solve Cart Abandonment Problem

How long have you been chasing your abandoned customers? Are your retargeting ads, newsletters and email campaigns paying off the investment? Probably not, right? Cart abandonment problem has been a major concern for any e-commerce sites these days. A study by the Baynard Institute claims that carts are abandoned at a rate of 68.63% every […]

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The E-commerce Marketing Trends for 2019

Running an E-commerce company or service is becoming an increasingly popular way to start and run a business. There are much less overhead and leg-work than opening a retail location and there are a ton of different channels to help you sell and get your product in front of those who are interested in it. […]

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