8 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment.

Before we discuss how we should reduce shopping cart abandonment, lets us get a brief idea about shopping cart abandonment at first. Shopping cart abandonment is any situation where online buyer places an item in a website shopping cart but leaves the cart before completing the purchase.  Thus, it is one of the most compelling […]

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7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Nowadays for every business, a website plays a key role as the sales tool. Each and every information related to your business can be shared through the website. Traditional approaches like a brochure or business card do not have that much potential to provide all of the business and product information to the worldwide users […]

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Top 5 Underlooked Mistakes Online Stores Make

There are dozens of simple and common mistakes online stores make while competing, however, in this article, we have discussed top five of those mistakes in detail. 1. Not using the full potential of analytics.  Every online store should try and learn as much as possible about their customer’s behavior in order to increase conversion rate. Why our visitors are […]

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