Exit-Intent Technology to Boost eCommerce Conversion

Exit-Intent technology allows you to convert an abandoning visitor into subscribers and customers. This means with the help of exit-intent technology you can increase your eCommerce conversion rate.  Even it is possible to combine exit-intent technology with your popups or full-width welcome screens to grab more attention and convert your visitors into subscribers or customers. To […]

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6 Reasons that can cause High Bounce Rate

You might have heard the term “bounce rate” which means the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page or leaving the site immediately without performing any sort of action. High bounce rate for any website is injurious and leads to low ranking. The below […]

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6 Ways to Increase Shopify Conversions

Attracting customers to your website and converting them into sales is challenging and crucial. Conversions are fundamental. It is a great moment when a usual customer visits your site and purchases on of your product. Accordingly, it’s your duty to make your customer journey shorter, easier, guidance and more enjoyable. Through uncompromising and precise management […]

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