6 Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales without giving Discount

Offering discounts and huge sales make you and your customers happy, your sales go up. It is a win-win situation, or is it? We all know discounts are an easy way to increase your online sales or average order value fast but it turns out, it can actually harm your online business in the long […]

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7 Ways to Increase Average Order Value for eCommerce

To be honest, normally we keep our focus on following three ways to increase an eCommerce business Customer acquisition – driving more traffic. Customer retention – retain customer to increase purchasing frequency Increase average order value – encourage the customer to purchase more while shopping. Among all three ways, this article is focused on the […]

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Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons and Solution

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment? When visitors visit your website and surf, also add some products to their basket but then leave at the time of completing the final purchase. Shopping cart abandonment is one of the major problems for eCommerce sites. In words, it is almost considered as a plague for an online business […]

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How Keptify Connects the Dots to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Grabbing a lead’s attention is tough, holding it is even tougher. E commerce business owners are competing and coming up with new ideas to reduce cart abandonment problems. In a tough market space and the internet is a fair game for anyone with a product and a Shopify account. As you compete with other e […]

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Make first Impressions Count with Three Simple eCommerce Strategies

If only there was a metric for measuring a company with a great product that just happens to suck at marketing, online retailers would spend less time pulling their hair out over under-performing e-commerce strategies and more time making sales. But if it was that simple, everyone would be an e-commerce millionaire. If only… The […]

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