Marketing Automation

The term "Marketing automation" has become a buzz-word. The impression that all of the digital marketing tools necessary for growth, including those needed to generate new leads, roll up under the hood of marketing automation.
Marketing automation makes it easier to send personalized and targeted messages. In other words, marketing automation makes your communication stronger with your customers.   When you automate your marketing, you can focus heavily on the quality of your campaigns and messaging. With marketing automation you have the ability to add more personal touches to your campaign - by collecting data on a prospect's interests and goals, you can custom-tailor future offers so that they are more relative.
With Marketing automation you can,
Add dynamic content based on an individual specific user profile. For instance you can send targeted offers based on website patterns.
Categorize customer and prospects by common behaviours, interests, and demographic details These will be dimensions for segmenting your customers.
Develop optimal marketing patterns. Marketing automation can help you test different variables like email send times, subject headings, and ideas for personalization.
Integrated marketing channels to deliver a comprehensive, cross platform user experience. You can make sure every touch point carefully planned for optimal conversion optimization.
Messenger Remarketing
ZERO RISK of landing on SPAM folder
Build a strong level of TRUST with your customers to SELL MORE in your remarketing.
Onsite Experiences
MORE than EXIT-INTENT overlays.
MULTIPLE overlays with targeted and PERSONALIZED functionality.
Email Experiences
REMIND visitors about their cart.
RETARGET visitors with new OFFERINGS and DEALS.
API Integrations
EXPLORE all Newly-Backed API METHODS for better optimization.
SMS Remarketing
Use SMS to recover your lost sales
Boost conversion rate with SEGMENTED and SUPER-RELAVANT messages
Marketing Automation
SAVE your time in outbound marketing campaigns.
CUSTOMIZE MULTIPLE email templates on your campaigns.
Facebook & Adroll Retargeting
ADVERTISE your campaigns.
MAKE Better IMPRESSIONS. in your remarketing.
Cart Analyzer
LEARN about your visitors Behavior.
PROFILE your visitors Behaviour to make STRATEGIC REPORTS.

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