Cart Abandonment Analysis

Our advanced cart analyzer gives you detailed information of your visitors and their cart abandonment behaviour.
Detailed analytics will allow you to understand which visitor profiles abandon carts in order to devise your conversion optimization strategy.
PROFILE your visitors Behaviour to make STRATEGIC REPORTS.
Profiling helps you to understand your audience and to leverage budget towards the campaigns with the best ROI (Return on Investment).
Profiling generates multiple profiles with their related conversion %, a number of orders for that combination, average order value, average session time and the visitor's characteristics.
Reporting gives you detailed information of your customer activities. You can evaluate the number of orders/session visited by the visitors with their respective percentage and figures (charts).
With reporting you will be able to decide which metric data is more effective in compared to others. Currently, we offer 8 metrics and all the reports are categorized into sales report, abandon report, conversion report and session report.
Analytics Data
Access analytics data of day/week/month or custom date range.
Check the number of visitors on your site based on your choice of the data range.
Know the total number of pages viewed by your visitors in your site.
Discover the items your visitor have left in their cart without final purchase.
Find the abandoned amount lost your abandoned basket.
Discover the customer details: IP address, Country, Operating system, browser info etc.
Messenger Remarketing
ZERO RISK of landing on SPAM folder
Build a strong level of TRUST with your customers to SELL MORE in your remarketing.
Onsite Experiences
MORE than EXIT-INTENT overlays.
MULTIPLE overlays with targeted and PERSONALIZED functionality.
Email Experiences
REMIND visitors about their cart.
RETARGET visitors with new OFFERINGS and DEALS.
API Integrations
EXPLORE all Newly-Backed API METHODS for better optimization.
SMS Remarketing
Use SMS to recover your lost sales
Boost conversion rate with SEGMENTED and SUPER-RELAVANT messages
Marketing Automation
SAVE your time in outbound marketing campaigns.
CUSTOMIZE MULTIPLE email templates on your campaigns.
Facebook & Adroll Retargeting
ADVERTISE your campaigns.
MAKE Better IMPRESSIONS. in your remarketing.
Cart Analyzer
LEARN about your visitors Behavior.
PROFILE your visitors Behaviour to make STRATEGIC REPORTS.

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