Cart abandonment software – Ultimate weapon for eCommerce success

Last updated on July 11, 2018

For any eCommerce store, cart abandonment is the worst that can happen. Why you ask? The reason is simple and clear. When customers put items in their cart which they are extremely interested in but when they don’t complete the purchase or checkout, it’s likely that they will purchase those items but most probably not from your eCommerce store.

That’s when you really need cart abandonment software for your store. It plays a heroic role and rescues those abandoned carts. Cart abandonment software like Keptify identifies any kind of behavior that may lead to abandoned carts and uses its magic to lure shoppers to finish their purchase.

Let’s get the complete idea how Keptify works its magic to help you fix your cart abandonment and make a way towards gradual success.

Cart Analyzer

Before taking any step ahead while recovering your carts, the first thing you need is to have the proper and complete information about why your visitors are leaving their basket unattended.

Keptify’s cart analyzer feature provides you a full profiling data on your visitors. Such as – visitor’s geographic location, device, browser, time spent on your website, pages visited, items added and much more. These data may seem basic but are very effective which will assist to make a powerful step in building segmented and targeted strategies ahead.


Segmented and Personalized Targeting

Collected information on visitors allows us to construct a segmented group and according to that a personalized campaign. Once you do that, another thing is to create a content based on those cart attributes.

The content should be as simple as possible and encouraging enough to make the visitors hit that checkout button. Don’t forget to include the real-time updated and their cart details.


Channel Personalization

Once you are done with content and campaigns, the next step is to choose the medium which your visitors mostly prefers.

Identify the variables such as – the most preferable time they will view your message or email, which device they are on: mobile, tablet or laptop and so on. This will give you an idea to design your creatives accordingly and showcase the main points your visitors need to see.

channel personalization

Powerful Scheduler

Now it’s time to set-up the campaigns with visitors behavior and time duration. This will allow you to schedule when and how your visitors are going to view your information.

Set your Layover settings

For onsite targeting, you can set variables like – referral(from google, bing etc), cart value and quantity, no. of pages visited, all visitors or new visitors, product categories and much more.

Layover works on an exit-intent technology.


Automate your Email campaign

For email campaign, you can set variables like – time(hour, minute and second), geographic location(exclude or include), email address collected(layover or checkout) and much more.

You can automate a series of email cart funnel with respective offers and contents.


Responsive Templates

Keptify helps you create a beautiful, creative and device responsive email and layover designs with very rich composure. Looks and works great on all available devices.


Implementing Cart Abandonment Software for your business

Once you are running an online business, implementing a cart abandonment software is a must but the question is where to find a reliable and trustworthy one?

Keptify has been keen on this field for many years and is very easy to start with. All it takes is a few minutes of your precious time and it’s all good to go with an excellent team of experts.  You can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial to decide whether its a perfect fit for your business.

There is no fixed cost, No cancellation fee and is entirely on onperformance-basis. If you have any kind of queries, we can even provide you a FREE CONSULTATION with our conversion optimization experts at any suitable time of yours.

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