Perfect Cart Abandonment Software Solution for 2018

Last updated on July 5, 2018

Let’s admit it – as an online store owner, there’s nothing more disappointing than getting visitors to your site but not making any sales. What’s worse? People adding products to their carts but not checking out. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s see how common this problem is and how a cart abandonment software solution fits right into this scenario.

If it makes you feel any better, every eCommerce business suffers from the digital epidemic that is cart abandonment. On average, over 70% of customers add products to their cart but never proceed to pay for it – they just leave. Yet, a majority of online store owners never address this problem. You might be one of them and you’re leaving money on the table by not doing anything about it.

You might still be wondering what the deal about cart abandonment software is. Let’s start with the basics:

What is a cart abandonment software solution?

Cart abandonment software is a tool that helps you recover a certain percentage of lost sales that occur when a customer leaves their cart unattended after adding products.

Since you recover lost sales, this function comes under remarketing/retargeting.

Without a cart abandonment software in place, you have zero data on who is not completing their purchase, where they’re from any more importantly, why they’re leaving your site.

How does a cart abandonment software work?

This question is better answered with the help of images. Here’s a graphical illustration of how a good cart abandonment software works:

cart abandonment software process

Let me paint the picture in real life so you can get an idea about cart abandonment:

  • You visit a sunglass store
  • You pick a pair of aviators
  • Just as you walk to the checkout counter, you change your mind, leave the sunglasses and head home

In the digital world, the same process takes place way more often. The only difference is you close your web browser after changing your mind. Right at this moment, cart abandonment software detects your activity and gets into action:

Onsite remarketing (Popups or layovers)

onsite remarketing

Onsite remarketing in basic terms means displaying pop-ups or layovers with a personalized message and appealing design to encourage purchase completion. There are various ways to trigger a layover such as time-based, average-order-value based or geographic location based. From the eyes of a visitor, the following process takes place:

  • A visitor adds a product to cart and is about to leave your site,
  • They see a pop-up with a message such as “Don’t leave just yet! Complete your order and get FREE Shipping!”
  • The visitor is encouraged by the message and completes their purchase

You do not necessarily have to provide discount, offers or free shipping to use onsite remarketing. Something as simple as signing your customer up for a fashion newsletter along with their purchase can work wonders!

Offsite remarketing (Email & SMS)

offsite remarketing

When visitors are no longer in your site, there’s no way of contacting them. Or is there? Fortunately, with the help of a cart abandonment software, you can send personalized emails and/or SMS to your site’s cart abandoners.  Here’s an example:

  • A visitor adds a pair of shoes to cart and leaves website
  • After a certain time(which can be set manually), they receive an email which reminds them of the pair of shoes they were about to buy
  • The email also provides an exclusive offer to the customer to encourage them to complete their purchase

Email and SMS remarketing are currently one of the most sought out cart abandonment recovery solutions in the eCommerce world because they have a higher conversion rate than other types of remarketing.

How does Keptify’s cart abandonment software help you recover abandoned carts?

Before we get into the technicalities and features that Keptify provides, let’s set one thing clear – Keptify is not just a tool but a group of dedicated experts willing to go the extra mile for our customers. This is why we provide each client with a team consisting of:

  • Conversion Specialist – to help you continuously optimize your campaigns
  • Account Manager – to regularly monitor and report performance data
  • Content Strategist – to ensure quality and engaging content across layovers, emails and SMS
  • Creative Expert – to design attractive pop-ups and emails graphics aspect
  • Support Team – to make sure you can always reach out to Keptify considering any issues

Now that you’re aware of the features of a cart abandonment solution, let’s take a look at what Keptify offers:

1. Advanced cart abandonment analyzer

The most fundamental aspect of recovering abandoned carts is knowing the exact reason behind why your visitors are not converting into paying customers.

Keptify’s detailed analytics allow you to understand which visitor profiles abandon carts so that you can profile them into an audience and leverage budget towards conversion campaigns with the best Return on Investment (ROI). Currently, Keptify offers 8 metrics from which reports are categorized into sales report, abandon report, conversion report and session report.

2. Personalized layovers/pop-ups

As opposed to using the same general images across your online store, Keptify offers onsite remarketing through the placement of non-intrusive, interactive and attractive layovers.

Keptify boasts on high flexibility and personalization to serve relevant and targeted offers and messages to your website visitors.

You can even personalize layovers based on various conditions such as:

  • Status of shopping cart
  • Number of times to trigger
  • Page visit count or swipe counts on mobile
  • On specific pages
  • To specific traffic channel visitors
  • To specific geographic location visitors

With features such as these that allow you to accomplish almost anything you set your goal to, all you have to worry about is your desired outcome.

3. A/B Testing

As the title implies, A/B testing is a method of testing two variations of a specific layover and comparing conversion rates to determine which one is the most effective.

It is a powerful tool that can significantly increase engagement and allows you to continuously ensure you’re serving the best pop-ups to your visitors.

4. Customized and engaging automated email remarketing campaigns

Emails are one of the best-converting methods of an effective cart abandonment software.

With Keptify, you can send different automated emails with personalized content and functionalities that can be used to take your customer back to their shopping cart and ultimately encouraging them to complete their purchase. Recover abandoned carts by dynamically capturing email and/or name of your visitors and connect with them within minutes.

In general, Keptify offers two different types of emails:

  • Normal Email: A simple cart abandonment email with a personalized message and offerings for customers to return to their cart. Simple and straightforward – just the way most things in life are supposed to be.
  • Product List Email: Sending your customer abandoned cart items directly to their inbox and encouraging them to return and make the final purchase. Includes abandoned items with price and other details.

Another noteworthy feature of Keptify’s cart abandonment emails is you can send your visitors a list of recommended products based on their behavior across your online store.

5. SMS Remarketing to instantly recover abandoned carts

The latest addition to Keptify’s cart abandonment software is SMS remarketing feature. If you’re wondering how effective SMS remarketing is, 9 out of 10 SMS are read within 3 minutes. Many cart abandonment recovery solution providers overlook this important aspect of remarketing which makes SMS remarketing one of the most sought-out features.

The mechanism of SMS remarketing is similar to email remarketing. Keptify gets shopper’s contact details from your online site in case of abandonment, then sends them a personalized SMS which includes the link to their abandoned cart ultimately encouraging them to complete their purchase.

6. Third party API Integration

Keptify supports a variety of API’s to help you leverage your own CRM backed with the data from Keptify. You can seamlessly integrate your campaigns with third-party solutions such as:

  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • Zapier
  • Twilio

The best part about having the freedom to integrate third-party services is that you do not have to scrap your entire campaign just to switch to Keptify. There are numerous possibilities to your marketing campaign when Keptify is partnered with your existing CRM tools.

All of these features sound great and all but let’s move on to the big question:

How do I get started with Keptify’s cart abandonment software?

I’m glad you asked. Getting started with Keptify only takes a few minutes of your time. You can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial from here and let the team of experts assigned to you handle the rest – from setting up the code and designing attractive layovers to optimizing your entire remarketing campaign.

Sounds too good to be true, right? What’s even better is there’s no fixed ongoing cost. Keptify operates entirely on performance-basis; if we do not make extra sales for your business, you don’t pay us a penny!

If you’re still on the fence about this, feel free to book a free consultation with our conversion optimization experts and get all of your burning questions answered today.

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