Shopping cart abandonment culprit: on-site issues

Last updated on March 9, 2018

Imagine you’re going grocery shopping. As you walk through a few options, you notice one store that looks terrible – everything’s been cluttered in a bunch of boxes with multiple advertisement banners blocking different sections.

There’s another store by its side where every product is organized neatly and you can easily browse different sections without getting lost.

In the digital realm, online stores cannot overlook this aspect of their business either. This is where User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) come into play.

You may have the biggest inventory in the eCommerce industry but if a customer gets too distracted by the clutter on your site, cart abandonment will surely follow.

Let’s look at the components of on-site issues:

Site is not Mobile-Friendly

Site is not mobile friendly

A research found that 62% of smartphone users make a purchase online using their mobile device in six months alone.

Think about the number of visitors you’re losing because your site is not optimized for mobile users. This includes mobile responsive pages, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Google and so forth.

Confusing Product Information


The pre-purchase stage is an important aspect online shopping experience. This includes how clearly the features of the product are presented in an online store.

If a visitor sees a screwdriver, which has a description that says ‘good screwdriver’, he/she will start having doubts about your credibility.

Product information must be written in a concise manner to make sure your visitors can get thorough details about the product without reading a 5-page report.

Confusing Checkout Process


Perhaps the most frustrating part of online shopping for your customers is being stuck in the checkout process after spending hours searching for just that right product to buy.

For instance, a checkout button that’s hidden away in a corner, asking customers to fill 25 fields of information for checkout, lack of payment gateways, having to re-enter confidential information and so on.

Poor CTA Button


A call to action button is simply a button in your site that prompts an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.

Having a poor CTA button is the equivalent of convincing a nervous skydiver to get on the plane and not giving them that final push.

Complicated Site Navigation


Site Navigation comes from user interface and experience. While there is no universal rule in terms of site navigation, there is one statement that sums it up:

Can your site visitor get to the checkout page within 3 clicks, regardless of their position?

Addressing these on-site issues is crucial in order to reduce cart abandonment on your site. You may not have control over the hundreds of external factors, but you surely can do your part by providing your visitors with a great user experience!

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