Cart Abandonment Email Hacks: Read this before hitting that send button

Last updated on April 22, 2020

Cart Abandonment emails are the most delicate emails among other mass or bulk email campaigns. It is more personal and sensitive email that holds the key ingredient for your customer retention.

Once you send these type of email you are in no position to undo it, edit it or un-send it from your customer inbox even if you have made blunders in it.

Cart abandonment emails are the ones that make or break the final deal.

Now knowing you will not get any second chance to rectify your errors, you must learn and educate yourself before writing cart abandonment emails. Hence, in this post, we have highlighted some of the common mistakes that most of the marketers commit while sending an email.

Let’s take a look…

1. Unclear subject line

The subject line of your email determines whether your customers are going to open it or just directly sent it to their trash.

So, Appropriate subject line = Good Open Rate.

Your subject line should be clear and fitting as well as parallel to describing your email’s main content. You always try to overdo it by following tips and tricks found on an internet. But that just makes the email appear like a clickbait. Those subject line makes your customer more puzzled and increases the rate of deleting it before even opening it.


2. Pre-header Text

The pre-header text is the actual concept that gives your email readers what your email is actually about and to open it or not. But most of the email marketers ignore this crucial factor.

For convincing any customer to open your cart abandon email, you must focus on your pre-header in conjunction with your email subject line. This way your email makes a strong case for itself and removes any uncertainty of irrelevant and inappropriate emails.   


3. Poor Design

The reason your customers find your cart abandonment email boring is because of poor email design and look. As an marketer, you must be using attractive and best email templates that appeal to your target prospects. Each and every aspect of your email should be appealing and convincing enough for your customers.

But don’t forget about your main body, content is the king of your cart abandonment email. Optimize your email according to devices they are opened in such as better readability, visual, button clickability and so on. Below is the example of email with very poor design concept and contetn execution.


4. Containing a single click unsubscribe

When you include a single click unsubscribe link in your cart abandonment email, it automatically possesses a critical downside.

Talking about mobile screen where most of the emails opened, customers, unfortunately, click the link that they don’t have the intent to. Therefore if a customer accidentally clicks the UNSUBSCRIBE link and there is no other step to follow which gives the option to revert their action, then you just lost a valuable customer there.

Try it for yourself, you will be able to reduce unsubscribe rate by a massive number.

5. Use of /

Don’t ever use above email address while sending any kind of email to your customers. Using those kinds of address is telling your customers that you have no interest and time for them.

These kinds of email address usually convey a negative persona to your customers that you really don’t care for them at all. It’s the rudest act you can think of and automatically triggers the spam filter as well.


6. Inaccurate hyperlink

Inaccurate hyperlink in your email will entirely lead to a self-destruction. Your cart abandonment email will explain about the products they left but the CHECKOUT button taking them to the home page is just ridiculous and unacceptable.

So, scrutinize your test and don’t commit this kind of blunders in your email. More importantly, you can get the help of your colleagues to get it done.

7. Personalization Blunder

How shameful it is to send an email with personalization error in it. How would you feel if someone sent you an email like below…


Your whole cart abandonment email content will be crap no matter how good your content is. No one is going to read the email which is addressed to [First-name], and if they don’t read, they are unlikely to come back to complete the purchase.

Wrapping it up…

There are other plenty mistakes that email marketers make while sending cart abandonment email but I have only mentioned the fatal ones.

Before setting up any email campaigns, try it out with your loyal customers of colleagues and see how they respond to your emails. After that, you can tweak the content, design, subject line or any other things which serves the best for you and your conversion rate.

Lastly, the time at which you send your messages specifically impacts the open rate and reaction rate of your cart abandonment emails.

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