Best Email Marketing Trends for 2018

Last updated on August 27, 2018

Ever since the inception of the internet in the marketplace, email marketing has remained a crucial and fundamental tool for marketers.

Even though its role has remained vital, most emails that make it to our inbox is still unsolicited and irrelevant. We ignore most of them without any consideration as the outreach that we receive are not relevant to the target audience.

Before moving ahead with false pretense, we must understand what email marketing actually is. What are the best ways to carry out a successful outreach campaign without being flagged as spam and blocked by filters? Here are few crucial things that you must not ignore while running your email campaigns. Let’s get started:

What is email marketing?

email marekting meaning

First of all, email marketing is only a portion of online marketing strategy where it is used by online businesses to promote their products and services.

In other words, we can also say that it is actively used to establish and maintain a relationship with customers and clients in the online business world.

You can easily target groups of individuals(customers) or a specific persona with related contents (services/offers/special deals) which can be personalized according to your needs of the customers.

Why email marketing?

why important is email marketing

When we talk about why it is still being used in 2018, even when current email marketing trends are being replaced by social media advertisements, here are few key points on this matter:


There is not a single doubt that email marketing is CHEAP compared to any other channels you can think of when you are marketing to a huge number of potential customers. You can simply carry it out by yourself or just hire some agency to do it for you but still, it’s going to be cost-effective.

Easy to run:

Email marketing is extremely easy to set-up and keep track of. Even someone with no prior marketing experience can run email campaigns and see the results.


With cost-effective factor tagged along, you can use your emails targeted at your ideal customer profile. All you need to do is have the right content directed at the right person.

Flexibility and Measurability:

Today, we have access to email analytics for the campaigns that we send out. With the knowledge of your responses and open rate, you can easily optimize your campaigns and the parts that are not working for your business.

When we look at the numbers, 94% of internet users prefer email while only 61% are using social media with 74% of online marketing prefer email marketing as their first method for online business.

How to run email marketing?

Email marketing tips

Once you get an idea about why email marketing is all about, let’s move on to how we should proceed with it.


You have to be very careful about your email layout, design, and flow. Maybe you can ask some of your trustworthy customers to share their ideas regarding this matter. Learn carefully about your recipients’ preference in the email’s content (graphics and text).


Be specific and more relevant to your audience while running your targeting campaign. Make it more personalized and appealing.


Your recipient is always conscious about the topic “What’s in it for me?” So always focus on the incentives and offers that they will be getting from your email.


Time is a crucial aspect of any campaign you can think of. Try to send emails when your recipients are not busy and have time to go through it. You can always test and measure what timings will be perfect for your campaign.


Never rely on a single method of marketing. As a marketer, try to use as many channels you can use for your business emails. Try to integrate several methods of marketing approach in your email campaigns.


As an attribute lets take a look at email headers. Don’t disappoint your recipients with half information. Use the best and catchy subject lines, addresses, dates and every other small detail you can think of. Try to highlight them as much as you can.

Landing Page

When you want those sales email to turn into conversions, don’t just use a hyperlink in your email which takes them to your homepage. Land them on a specific page where they want to go and see things they want. At the same time, make it simple, quick and easy.

Email Marketing Trends for 2018

email marketing trends 2018

The thing about trends is that they are ever-changing. Email marketing is also no exception.

So here are some tips that will be helpful for you in 2018 to make your marketing strategy stand from the competition.

Personalizing list segmentation

Segmentation is a very important aspect of email marketing. 

In 2018, it has become vital to segment your target audience. This can be done according to demographics, interest and other specific data. This way, it will be easier for you to craft a content focused on the specific segment.

Content relevant to recipient’s interest, location automatically leads to better ROI and interactions. So, this year be precise in segmenting your potential buyer groups.

Intuitive and Interactive email

In 2018, online marketers need to work on interactiveness and intuitiveness of their emails without leaving any opportunities to impress receivers.

With this trend onboard, your users can place orders through emails and your purchase pipeline gets short and effective. You can gather better and quality data for your customers.

While you are busy making your email customizable to recipients such as making orders, adding items to shopping cart and an overall better experience, don’t forget about your actual email message. With the perfect combination of both, your emails will hit them right where you want.

2018 has seen a rise in the use of AI, chatbots, and visuals to increase the level of interactivity through emails.

Artificial Intelligence

The role of artificial intelligence will be more prevalent for marketers in 2018.

With the help of AI, you will be able to understand, analyze and measure different metrics and data regarding users perception towards your content. However, it might be a little costly to marketers with a low budget set but the returns of this technique will totally be worth the investment.


We have seen chatbots for some quite some time now but this year we are going to see them even more in emails as well. When done right chatbots can gradually increase high-quality conversations and unobtrusive chat between marketers companies and recipients.

Moving on, it will be a great value to email marketing strategy. When you are using chatbot, you will be able to use the data in a specific manner to create a rich user experience. From the user’s perspective, they get a perfect and knowledgeable assistant at the tip of their fingers.


2018 is all about visuals and interactivity. Same old boring patterns and techniques of email will not be entertained this year. As a marketer, you need to come up with some really interesting visuals and assets such as GIFs, HTML5, videos or any others you can come up with.

Make sure to grab your recipients attention and keep them engaged. So keep yourself updated with new creatives and the messages sent through the emails that you send.

And lastly also brace yourself for seeing those visuals and interactive emails in your inbox as well.

Wrapping it up

Email marketing may be 40 years old method of communication but there are still new updates you need to be aware of in 2018. It is still and always will be a vital component of the marketing channel.

Therefore, learn about the updates, know how to make the perfect content and strategically use them to build a firm relationship with companies and your recipients.

Try to avoid irrelevant and unsolicited emails that go straight to your recipient’s spam or worse, blocked by their filters. Make sure your email reaches their inbox and it is worthwhile to be read by your targeted recipients.

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