Great abandoned cart email tips to boost your sales by 30%

Last updated on January 21, 2020

Cart abandonment.

These words alone get eCommerce sites worried about questions such as :

What are we doing wrong?

  • Was the offer not good enough?

  • Should we send multiple abandoned cart emails?

  • Do we need to hike discount rates and coupons?

  • Is something wrong with our Checkout button?

According to the statistics from Statista, online shopping cart abandonment rate worldwide in 2019 counts to a whopping 69.57%.

Let’s start with why your site visitors are abandoning shopping carts.

What are the reasons behind cart abandonment?

Some of the most common reasons behind cart abandonment are:

High Shipping Costs

No one likes to pay $10 for shipping a product worth $15. There are a handful of eCommerce sites providing free shipping service. To stay competitive, keep your shipping costs low.

 Create a New Account

There is nothing more annoying than getting slightly excited about ordering a product online only to have that feeling shattered by a CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT banner.

While retaining site visitors is an important aspect of online selling, forcing customers to create an account tends to be counterproductive.

 Confusing Checkout Process

Is your checkout button clearly visible? Or is it hidden among a bunch of multiple buttons and banners of supplementary and complementary products?

Time is valuable to your visitors and they rarely spend their time trying to figure out your complex checkout process.


Distractions are not limited to your site. Maybe a mother shopping for diapers got distracted by the sound of her child crying. There are only so many things in your control as a seller but make sure you are not contributing to the problem by adding irrelevant distracting offers.

Hidden Costs that Appear at Checkout

Many eCommerce sites try to deceive their visitors into buying their products by initially displaying a ridiculously low price but when you visit the checkout page, you nearly spit your drink.

Multi-Step Checkout Page

The phrase less is more is a perfect answer to people wondering if they should implement a multi-step checkout page as opposed to a single checkout page.

Sure, you want to collect as much information as possible from the visitor but what they’re thinking when they have to deal with a multi-step checkout page is:

Just let me buy the product ugh!

When it comes to cart abandonment, there definitely isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution.

A certain campaign that recovers one visitor may not be appealing to another. This is why most abandoned cart emails get ignored because they’re sent to bulks without even considering what the abandoned visitor was really after.

This does not necessarily mean you’ll write a magical email which will make all of your abandoned visitors flock to your site to complete their purchase.  A certain portion of your abandoned visitors probably didn’t even want to buy from your site and was having fun with the shopping cart.

What matters to us, as online sellers are to keep cart abandonment figures to a minimum.

Abandoned cart emails are a great way to remind your site visitors about their incomplete purchase(s) and persuade them to proceed to checkout.

Here are 5 components of best-abandoned cart email practices:

Catchy Subject Line

Grabbing your customer’s attention starts from the very beginning of an abandoned cart email i.e. the subject. Including the visitor’s name along with a simple personalized message is key here. Take these examples for instance:

Bill, your cart is waiting for you!

Trish, get your cart before it sells out!

Would free shipping seal the deal?

30% off on all items!  Grab it while it lasts!

Unsure about your order? Here are 5 reviews from our buyers!

Appealing Pictures

The importance of great visuals in the body of an abandoned cart email cannot be stressed enough. Colors affect human behavior on an unconscious level. Let’s take a look at two samples here:

Attractive offer

Which link are you inclined to click? The first one with nothing but texts and a box or the latter which visually illustrates the product itself?

However, make sure the picture is not distracting with a diarrhea of colors. Get some ideas from designers who know what goes well with your company’s theme.

Personalizing the Email

A study found that 94% of customer insights and marketing professionals across multiple industries stress the importance of personalized emails for their success.

In a digital world filled with automated messages, adding a human touch to an abandoned cart email works wonders! Be creative and compose a message that lets them know you genuinely think you can help make their lives better for your product.

Here’s how Crate&Barrel have been doing it:

Personalized email

The header of the mail says “You’ve got great taste.” A hint of personalization. But they don’t stop here.With the help of on-site tracking and online behavior, they add even more to the abandoned cart email. Here’s the full version of it:

Personalized Email with Tracking

A banner that displays a discounted shipping price is the icing on the cake here.The “What’s new” section shows similar items to those that the abandoned visitor was browsing through. We can also assume that the visitor abandoned the site right after reaching the shipping page.


In an ideal situation, offers are a blow on profit. Going overboard with them is not a wise idea. Within a gray portion between risk and return is where your offers should fit.

Look at it this way:

What would you rather have? No offers with 10 site visitors OR a 10% discount coupon with 70 site visitors?

Candle offers

Here’s a perfect example of an abandoned cart email by Amara, an online site that sells everything from fragrances to home accessories. Notice how the customer can get £20 off BUT under the condition that they spend over £100.

Trust Factor

Let’s assume you’re selling coffee mugs.

Why should an abandoned visitor come back to your site to finish their purchase of a coffee mug? This one’s pretty simple.

‘Cause you need something to drink coffee from and we’ve got some cool ones!

Makes sense. But why should they buy it from your site?

This is where product reviews and testimonials come into play. Include the best ratings and reviews this particular product has but make sure they’re genuine!

This email from Dollar Shave Club does just that! This email has everything from a cute bear, a Call-To-Action button to genuine reviews from three different customers.

Dollar shave club

Key Takeaways 

Now that you have a fair amount of knowledge about abandoned cart email best practices, you’re probably wondering where to start.

There are plenty of solutions to automated email campaigns for online marketing. You can read about them here.

To wrap it up, the only way of sending effective and personalized emails is possible when you know the EXACT POINTS where the visitor left your site. The higher the number of tracking points on your site, the better your chances of recovering abandoned carts.

Want to share an experience about cart abandonment emails? Let us know in the comments!

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