8 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment.

Last updated on March 2, 2018

Before we discuss how we should reduce shopping cart abandonment, lets us get a brief idea about shopping cart abandonment at first. Shopping cart abandonment is any situation where online buyer places an item in a website shopping cart but leaves the cart before completing the purchase. 

Thus, it is one of the most compelling problems for an online business sector. In fact, there is a way to recover many of abandoned carts by implementing a well-structured shopping cart abandonment email arrangements, but ideally, you also need to figure out other ways to counter cart abandonment before it happens. 

Before talking about ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment, first, we need to identify the common causes of shopping cart abandonment. Some of the causes can are listed below.

1. Surprise cost: Full price of any product is not presented early to the customers which are termed as “hidden fees” which are the biggest disappointment for the customers. They always expect the full amount to be presented early on. Thus, surprise costs are the biggest deal breakers.

2. Unnecessary hurdles: Every customer expects the shopping process to be simple and easy to understand. Therefore, unnecessary ponderous stages make the customer bulk the process. Mainly when online purchase requires registration requirement.

3. Lack of payment options: Most of the customers leave the site when they do not find their preferred method of payment, there is a high chance that they will abandon the cart rather than going through available payment option.

4. No local currency conversion: Customers does not prefer to manually convert prices into their local currency, and generally expects the website to handle all these process and calculations. And mostly currency exchange rates also leads to the higher aggregate prices.

5. Lack of ‘wish list’ options: Many customers treat their shopping cart like wish list and if the website doesn’t offer their required features there are most chances that customers will abandon the cart.

Now, let’s talk about ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate.

1. Be Up Front About Prices: The most relevant way to knock out hidden fees is to add sales tax calculator to the actual shopping cart. Through this option, the customer will be able to find out the actual price of their products. Being upfront about price is clear but you also need to be reasonable about shipping the products to the customers as well.

2. Free Shipping Offer: Free shipping offer is one of the reasons that shopper abandon their shopping cart. You can introduce the new feature on your shopping site for your customers as free shipping offer.

A Forrester study shows that 44 percent of online shoppers who abandon their carts do so because of shipping and handling costs.

3. Navigate: Customers always look for an easy and simple way to performing any transactions. Thus, most of the customer abandon the site because of clumsy navigation. Therefore complex navigation often scares the customer away. Always give them clear and simple navigation for the transaction so that they will stick to your website.

4. Help Options: Assisting customers with their transactions always makes your customer more comfortable. Don’t make the customer feel isolated on a stranded island with less and complex guidance. Make sure the customer gets all the help the help and guidance they require through the entire process.

5. Make Registration Optional:  Almost every website requires proprietary accounts and passwords. Every site makes you register before accessing information. Thus, customers dislike being presented with a registration during any procedure.

A strong way to handle this is to make them quick register after they make the purchase and if you still need to identify or track the customer activity and purchases, you can require an email address instead of a proprietary account.

6. Make Order Modification Easy: Customers want full access to their business procedure like easily adding and removing products in their cart. Customers want to be clear about what is in their cart and what they are paying for. Thus, ensuring a comfort to customers about the correct order and payment make them fully satisfied and comfortable. There also must be an option for customers to modify their cart as they please before purchasing.

7. Make Discount Codes Easy: Clearly making the discount code available to the customer is another way of making good solution for customer

8. Offer Multiple  Payment Options:  Different customer has different choices regarding payment and providing single payment option may discourage them and may also lead to cart abandonment. Therefore offering more option reduces the maximum chances of customers abandoning their cart and take their business elsewhere. It may be the hectic process for the business owner but you are providing your customer what they want and that’s what matters at the end.

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