6 Ways to Increase Shopify Conversions

Last updated on April 5, 2018

Attracting customers to your website and converting them into sales is challenging and crucial. Conversions are fundamental. It is a great moment when a usual customer visits your site and purchases on of your product.

Accordingly, it’s your duty to make your customer journey shorter, easier, guidance and more enjoyable. Through uncompromising and precise management and navigation, you can utterly convert your customers closer to making a purchase which can be known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

In terms of internet marketing, conversion rate optimization actually refers to the increment of a percentage of casual visitors to your website traffic that makes a purchase or any desired action on a website.  

Therefore, in this post, we are discussing the different strategies that will help you to increase Shopify conversions.

1. Use high-quality images

One of the important thing for an e-commerce site is its product showcase and image quality. High-quality images are the key components of the eCommerce website to showcase products and service. A picture can explain better than thousand words. Most of the time customers or readers get frustrated while reading larger paragraphs so it’s better to use images to impress and attract them. Make sure that you are using high-quality images on your shopping sites to showcase your every product.

2. Appealing Call-to-Action

Giving guests an unmistakable, significant invitation to take action (CTA) when they arrive on your web page is basic – apparently the most basic thing on your site. A clear, very much set CTA snatches the consideration of guests, making them a great deal more prone to make the following move you need them to, and at last changeover.

Call to Action

Be vital about setting your CTA legitimately. A solitary slider containing the CTA at the highest point of your greeting page makes it clear to guests that they can at present look down for more substance on the off chance that they pick. On the off chance that they do scroll, in any case, they’re as of now mindful of the expected activity for the page.

Keep in mind, a CTA doesn’t need to be about making a deal. It can be as basic as getting a guest to tap on another page. Each page on your site ought to have some type of a CTA. It’s particularly barely noticeable the chance to enter CTAs on your “About Us” and “Get in touch with Us” pages. Yet, in the event that they’re left open-finished, the client is given only a deadlock, no course for their next activity. For these pages, it’s useful to utilize CTAs as connections to pertinent pages inside your site, similar to your item inventory or a particular frame for client questions.

3. Set up as sales funnel

Sales funnel refer to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales mode.

By setting sales funnel it will help you to lead your customers to different phases like awareness phase, interest phase, evaluation phase, decision phase and purchase phase. These all are the key components that you have to include in your sales funnel to increase your sales and conversion rate.

4. Do A/B Testing

AB Testing

A/B Testing is one of the best methods to increase Shopify conversions. A/B Testing is actually known as comparing two version of the web page to see which one performs better. It will give you basic idea of the website page which is converting more and which isn’t. So you must have to try A/B Testing on your Shopify conversion or any eCommerce site to increase your ROI and Conversion rate.

5. Accommodate live chat

As indicated by a contextual analysis by Forrester, Wells Fargo saw a twofold digit increment in transformations when they added live to talk to their site. Much the same as a FAQ on your item page, a live talk permits potential clients to get their inquiries replied, making it less demanding for them to settle on an educated purchasing choice.

Furthermore, a live talk tells your guests that you’re effortlessly and rapidly available, making your business more reliable. Regardless of the possibility that your guests don’t utilize the live talk, simply observing it can give them that additional genuine feeling of serenity.

At the point when your guests do utilize your live talk, that is your chance to help them settle on a purchasing choice. You don’t need to be a salesman; simply be as useful and straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances.

6. Offer various payment options

One of the best methods to increase Shopify conversions is by adding different payment options on the shopping site. By doing this, you are giving your customers choices and also capturing every sale you possibly can. Nowadays online payments are becoming more convincing and secure payment method. So it’s better to offer various payment options on the shopping site.

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